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Here at Parenting Chaos we aim to bring you help and advice from all aspects of being a parent, from trying to conceive right through to you 19 year old leaving home. As the scope of being a parent is so huge we will be breaking the website down into several sites, starting with Baby Chaos, then Toddler Chaos, Child Chaos, Tweenager Chaos and finally Teenager Chaos.

Parenting Forums

If you can't find the information you are looking for, or would like to get other opinions from mothers and mothers to be then why not join in our Parenting Forums.

Baby Chaos

Getting pregnant and having a baby is one of the most exciting, yet daunting times you will ever experience. You will no doubt have a million and one questions about pregnancy, birth and baby care. We are here to guide you through those 9 magical months of being pregnant, giving birth and your baby’s first year. Visit Baby Chaos to get all the advice and information you need to see you through this time.

Toddler Chaos

Once your baby starts to walk, or 'toddler' they can be called a Toddler - from this point on it becomes a whole new ball game. They can get around more, they start to talk, they want to be involved in everything, they need more attention and simulation and of course bring a whole range of new things that make you want to smile in joy. Toddler Chaos is currently under development, it won't be long, so check back soon.

Latest Parenting Chaos Articles

In the Night Garden - Peek-a-Boo! Book Review - This 10 page board book is a bright, visually appealing and tactile book - a combination that is always a winner with younger readers. [cont..]

Pregnancy and Contact Lenses - During pregnancy, your eyesight can be affected by such things as hormone changes, metabolism, blood pressure fluctuations or water retention, with various symptoms that may make wearing contact lenses during pregnancy uncomfortable. [cont..]

Immunisations - Your child will be offered a series of vaccinations from 2 months of age. These vaccines prevent diseases that can have serious consequences. [cont..]

Childhood Obesity - An increasing number of children in the UK are now classed as obese, with figures showing that a frightening 14% of boys and 17% of girls (age 2-15 years) fall into this category. [cont..]

Toddler Diet - Your toddler needs a balanced and varied diet to provide her with protein for growth, carbohydrates for energy and fruit and vegetables for vitamins, minerals and fibre. [cont..]

Latest Parenting News

14-MAR-2011  |  Mother Sells Breast Milk Online
After twenty six year old Toni Ebdon had given birth to her baby boy David, her breast milk came in such abundance that she began to suffer with sore breasts and she had so much excess milk that she decided to pump it and use the internet to sell it. [cont..]

28-FEB-2011  |  Mother wrongly informed Baby was Dead after Scan
A woman from Donabate in Ireland, whilst attending her antenatal scan in July last year, was told that the baby had died but had in fact been given the wrong information! [cont..]

16-FEB-2011  |  Baby Born After Police Pulls Over Car
A woman from Chester in America experienced a classical impromptu delivery when her baby boy was born in a car on the way to the hospital! [cont..]

02-FEB-2011  |  Women Changing their Minds After Fertility Treatment
Figures were released recently which stated that around eighty women who have had fertility treatment then go on to abort their babies! [cont..]


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