Anorexia Mum is Expecting Second Child

Chloe Cook was told she may never have children after she reached an all time low weight of 5 stone and her frail body had become a skeletal frame.  Only days away from death she collapsing and was admitted to hospital where doctors warned her she could suffer complete organ failure and die after suffering from anorexia for six years.

Today Chloe, 24 is the proud mum of a baby girl and is expected her second child after her fight and long struggle to beat the wasting disease.

Mum Chloe lives with partner Neil Ridgeway, 29 in Stoke-on-Trent and said her daughter Ella had given her the strength to beat the disease.

Miss Cook said: "They told me I was so ill that I would never be able to have children because of what the anorexia was doing to my body.

Anorexia sufferer Chloe’s battle began at aged 17 when she saw photographs of herself taken on holiday. She said: "I thought I looked bigger than normal so decided to lose a few pounds.

"At the time I weighed eight stone and was hardly fat but I thought losing weight would help me feel more in control of my life.

"I started skipping breakfast, putting a few crumbs on a plate so my family would assume I had eaten."

After losing a stone in just a few weeks she carrying on losing weight but started to look gaunt with hollow cheeks and her eyes started to sink into her face. Chloe stopped having periods and noticed downy hair starting to grow all over her body.

"I was constantly covered in bruises from lying in bed with my bones pressed against my skin."

When she reached six stone it was only a bowl of soup and an apple a day was all she could eat and had lost all her energy. 

Chloe Would Not Talk to Doctor

Family and friends became to become concerned and her mum even took her to the doctors but Chloe just sat and refused to speak.

After six months at an eating disorder clinic Chloe met Mr Ridgeway and they couple began trying for a baby.  After 2 years the couple were delighted to find out that she was pregnant.

Chloe said: "After all those years of starving myself, it felt really good not to feel as though I had to be in control of my body. As my bump grew, I felt so proud."

Weighing in at a healthy 7lb, baby Ella was born at the Stafford General Hospital in December 2006.

After her six year battle with anorexia Miss Cook is now helping other sufferers from eating disorders after become a qualified hypnotherapist.

“Thankfully I have been given another chance because starving myself could very well have robbed me of the miracle of motherhood’ Chloe said.