Babies in Real Homes for 1st Birthdays

The two baby girls that were mistakenly swapped at birth celebrated their 1st birthdays at home with their own parents.

The mix-up happened last December at Trebic Hospital, Prague where the girls were born only 18 minutes apart.

The mothers of the girls did at first question the different in weight of the babies from birth but hospital staff assured them that the birth weights had been recorded wrongly.

It was only after Libor Bronza one of the fathers of the girls wanted a DNA test done on the suspicious grounds that his daughter Nikola did not look like him or his wife.  It was noticed in the town where they lived that blonde haired Nikola bore no resemblance to her brunette parents and tongues were wagging.

Libor Broza and his partner Jaroslava Trojanova were devastated when the results came back from both DNA’s revealing that Nikola was not their child.

Tests taken from the other couple Jan Cermak and his wife Jaroslava Cermakova also revealed that their daughter Veronika was not theirs.

Both couples had raised the little girls for 10 months while their real daughters were a mere 20 miles away from each other.

When they all met for the first time, Broza told Czech radio “Our daughter looks so much like me that I don’t need any DNA tests to know she is mine.”

On the day of the girls’ birth, there was a total count of 4 girls and 1 boy born in the clinic in Trebic and the mix-up was called a “regrettable” case and a result of “serious mistakes”.  The two nurses who were on duty that day have since been fired.

The Switch Over

After the advice of psychologists, and no doubt a lot of soul searching, the two couples finally came to the decision to swap the girls before their 1st birthdays.

Nikola and Veronika had been spending several days at a time with their real parents leading up to the swap and to help relieve any stress the babies may feel when moved permanent into their new homes.

Fathers Libor and Jaroslava are now suing for damages in the region of 10 million koruna (363,000 euros 514,000 dollars). 

Both set of parents have said they will certainly stay in close touch with each other and will miss the baby girls they believed to be their own, who they loved and cared for during the first 10 months of their lives.

Since the switch at the clinic police are investigating the affair with the hospital, protesting that all new born babies are given an identification bracelet at birth.

Happy Birthday wishes to both set of Parents.