Baby Advertised for Adoption

Every mother enjoys looking at and often showing off photographs of her offspring but for one mother in Abington in Massachusetts in the USA, she was shocked to find a photograph of her baby boy on a Craigslist (classified) in London being advertised as available for adoption.

Thirty year old Jenni Brennan, a social worker, and her family keep an online family blog up to date which she created to keep her family and friends informed of their life.  The website included personal information and photographs of herself and her husband Josh as well as their three year old son Jackson and seven month old baby Jake and Jenni believes that the creator of the adoption advert had accessed the blog and used one of the photographs of Jake from the site.

Cute and Healthy

The advert showed a picture of Jake and stated that he had been born in Canada but was now living in Cameron in Africa in an orphanage.  It stated that the baby boy was ready to be adopted and described him as cute and healthy.  Anyone interested in adopting the little boy was to reply to the yahoo email account given.

Jenni did not think that anything like this could happen to her family and was stunned when she was informed about the advert.  She accessed the Craigslist site by having to pretend to want to adopt the boy the advert was showing and after emailing the address given, she was informed that in order for the adoption process to begin, she was required to send two hundred pounds to a Cameron address.

After being given these instructions by the yahoo account, Jenni and Josh immediately contacted the police who advised them to contact the FBI.  The FBI became involved and has now begun an investigation into the advertisement as they believe that scammers are running an adoption scam in order to extract money from childless couples who are desperate to adopt.

The Brennan’s have since put some restrictions on their family site in order to protect their privacy.


Founded by Craig Newmark in 1995, Craigslist is a private online networking community available in fifty countries which features online adverts, some of which are free.  The site is accessed by over fifty million people in the USA alone and is available not only in English but in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French and German.

This must have been a terrible shock to this mother seeing a photo of her baby advertised this way.  Throughout the media we are informed of the dangers of using the internet and hackers of our personal information and we should all be cautious of anything we add to the online community!