Baby Born After Police Pulls Over Car

All expectant mothers wonder how and when their baby will come into the world and even if it is not their first baby the birth of any child is always different and unpredictable.  A woman from Chester in America experienced a classical impromptu delivery when her baby boy was born in a car on the way to the hospital!

Luis Alberto Rosas and his partner Mitzy Cano were travelling at speed in their black car after Mitzy had gone into labour when they were spotted driving through a red light by a Police officer.  Officer Roberto Zayas, a traffic cop, concerned at the driver’s erratic driving pulled the car over only for its driver, Luis to jump out of the vehicle shouting that his partner was having a baby.

Roberto’s intention was to issue a ticket to the speeding driver but after approaching the car and seeing that Mitzy was well into her labour and that the baby head’s was already crowning, he knew he had no option but to help delivery the baby.  Officer Zayas helped support the baby as Mitzy pushed and once the baby had been born, Officer Zayas called for the emergency services.  While they waited for the medical services to arrive, he cleaned the baby’s face and dealt with the umbilical cord as best he could and checked the baby over to ensure that he was breathing.

Mitzy and her new baby were taken to Arden Hill Hospital to be checked over while Officer Zayas continued with his duties.

Unintentional Labours

This is not the first baby to be born in a car and nor will he be the last, other cases include:

  • Debbie Coleman from Kettering in Ohio, while travelling to her local hospital with her young daughters pulled into a garage to give birth to her son.  After the very quick birth and with the umbilical cord uncut, Debbie proceeded on her way to the hospital but following a mixed message to the Police, she was pulled over at gunpoint after someone had reported that a baby has been thrown from a vehicle.  After the situation was cleared up, Debbie and her new son Richard Lee continued onto the hospital for treatment.
  • On New Years Eve 2009, Lisa and Matthew Sewell from Storrington in West Sussex were travelling to the St Richard’s hospital in Chichester when they pulled over to ask PC Rowland Watmore if he could help them get to the hospital in time.  PC Watmore gave them a Police escort to the hospital but as the two cars arrived at the entrance of the hospital the baby just wasn’t prepared to wait and was born in the back of the car.
  • Paul Small was forced to help deliver his baby girl in the back of his car in the middle of a car park at The Cock Pub in Colney Heath when his wife Faye went into labour.  The pair were actually on their way to Watford General Hospital when they realised that the birth was happening a lot faster than they thought and they would not make the hospital in time so they stopped and Paul got in the back of the car and phoned 999.  He was talked through the birth by a paramedic and their fourth child, Lola Rose was born weighing around seven pounds.

Giving birth can be a scary experience in itself but being in an unknown location with unfamiliar surroundings can cause anxiety to the mother.  Luckily for these women they were given the right help at just the right time!