Baby Born in Ambulance after Serious Complications during Labour

Sarah Croxton will be forever grateful to the ambulance crew who delivered her son in the back of their ambulance after a number of complications arose during her labour.

Paramedics Andy Peach and Paul Abdey had thought they would be dealing with a stillbirth when they were called to Sarah’s home after answering a 999 emergency call for help.

Sarah’s husband Lloyd was at work when labour pains started and the quick thinking of their 10 year old daughter Tamie found the ambulance crew at the house in no time.

Physically Stopping the Labour

On arrival the paramedics realised they would have to act fast to stop the baby being born because of the serious complications within the labour.

Baby was in a breech position so Sarah was placed on the floor onto all fours where Paul physically had to halt the baby from being born.

The paramedic found further complications with the realisation that the cord had detached itself and was now wrapped around the baby cutting off vital oxygen and food supply.

Sarah said “At first I thought it was normal, I thought I was going to give birth on the floor. Then I heard the words prolapsed cord and realised something was wrong.

“The ambulance man kept saying 'Don’t worry, Sarah, you are doing fine' but I was really starting to panic,” She added.

Thankfully at that time Sarah’s mother and brother arrived to take care of daughters’ Tamie and Chloe along with a second team of paramedics Simon Herrick and Gemma Hudson.

On all Fours While Ambulance Raced to Hospital

Sarah was placed into the ambulance where with sirens blaring they raced towards the hospital in Maidstone.

Unable to be strapped in because she was on all fours Sarah said, “It seemed to take forever to get there but in reality I think it was quite quick. I just remember rocking all over the place as they couldn’t strap me in because I was on all fours.”

It wasn’t long before they realised they would not make it to the hospital in time and with just seconds away they pulled into a nearby car park after baby decided it was time to make his appearance.

As soon as they were parked up Sarah could not hold back any longer and began pushing.

Paul, from Shepway, said: “I saw the buttocks coming out and thought I have got to do this before he dies, if he wasn’t already dead.

“Then this lifeless body flopped out onto the stretcher.”

For what seemed like a lifetime there was only silence in the ambulance while Paul work on the baby with a vigorous body massage and then 7lbs 6oz James found his voice box and gave a tiny cry.

It has taken just 36 minutes from arriving at Sarah’s house until baby was born but to all of them it had felt like a lifetime.

Happy to Arrive at Hospital

In his 15 years spent as a paramedic Paul had never faced a similar situation and was elated and overjoyed when finally arrived at the hospital and handed Sarah over to the eight hospital staff who had prepared themselves for an expected emergency Caesarean section.

He said: “The midwife said “you have done a marvellous job for both of them to have survived”.

“Things like this just make it all worthwhile, all the training and practice, and seeing how well the team worked together.”

James’ dad was unaware of his son’s birth and when he saw Sarah he started to stroke her head telling her all would be okay.  He got the shock of his life when Sarah told him to ‘look down’ and he saw his new baby son for the first time.

Sarah said: “ When I think about what could have happened it just scares me to death but on the other hand I am just so grateful and thankful to everyone involved it turned out ok. “