Baby Born in Hospital Foyer

Being pregnant can sometimes feel like you’ve been waiting forever and as it gets closer to your due date a mother-to-be, whether it is your first or fifth child anxiously awaits the birth of their child and is keen for it to happen quickly and smoothly.  For a woman from Chandler's Ford near Southampton, her baby was delivered a little bit quicker than she expected and the baby was born before she reached the delivery room in the hospital foyer next to the water cooler!

Thirty two year old Caroline Meech, pregnant with her third child, went into labour at approximately 1am in the morning when she woke her partner, thirty four year old Mike and asked him to drive her to the Royal Hampshire County Hospital in Winchester.  Caroline states that her waters broke during the journey and she was trying to hurry Mike along as she knew the baby was coming.  Caroline decided that she wouldn’t even wait for Mike and left him to park the car while she staggered to the maternity unit.  As they reached the ward, Caroline pressed the security buzzer to gain access when the pains of labour gripped her body and she collapsed to the floor unable to rise and walk any further.

Nurses rushed to her aid and while Caroline lay on the floor in the foyer of the ward unable to go any further, she began to push her baby into the world.  As she was giving birth, her actions caused the doors to open and close each time the infra-red sensors were triggers by her movements.  Thankfully at that time of the morning there was not too much ‘traffic’ in and out of the doors.

A Healthy 8lbs and 3ozs.

Mike and Caroline already have two children together, three year old Casper and two year old Gabriella along with seven year old Aimee who is Mike’s daughter from a different relationship.  Baby Alice was born at 1.45pm on her due date weighing in at a healthy 8lbs and 3ozs.

The midwives from the maternity unit gave Caroline a copy of the CCTV video taken of the baby’s quick arrival which she plans to give to Alice on her eighteenth birthday.  She and Mike stated that it was like a comedy scene watching the birth on the television and that they were very grateful for the care they received from all the staff at the hospital.

It is definitely becoming increasingly popular for people to film the birth of their children but most are not generally taken by a public CCTV camera.  An edited version of this birth can be seen online so baby Alice could even see her own birth before her eighteenth birthday!