Baby Boy Handed Back after IVF Mix Up

Any couple who undergoes any form of fertility treatment understands the heartache when things don’t work and the stress of the financial cost as well as the strain it can put on your relationship.   A couple from Toldeo in Ohio found out that the child they were carrying after an IVF treatment was not biologically theirs and they made the extremely difficult decision to give that child back to its natural parents once it was born.

Forty year old Carolyn Savage and her husband Sean already have three children together, fifteen and twelve year old sons and an eighteen month daughter who was also born as a result of IVF.   After undergoing IVF treatment at a fertility clinic they have not disclosed, they were informed of the mix up with the embryos over the phone in February 2009.  The couple were understandably distraught at the news but made the decision not to terminate the pregnancy as their religious beliefs would not allow them to do this.  The couple, after making their decision, tried to ensure that the baby they were carrying had the best start possible.  After three months of discussions with lawyers they met the biological parents and bravely discussed what would happen after the birth.

The baby's natural parents are Paul and Shannon Morell who are from Troy in Michigan.  The pair already has twin two year old girls, Megan and Ellie, and after themselves going through an IVF treatment were shocked to hear the news of the clinic's mistake.  They were even more surprised to hear of the decision to hand the baby back to them.

Five Pound Baby

With the Morrells in attendances, the five pound baby boy was born by caesarean at St Vincent Mercy Medical Centre in Toledo in September 2009.  The infant had a few private moments to share with the woman he had been a part of for nine months before being delivered into the arms of Shannon and Paul, who will be forever grateful to Carolyn and Sean.

The couples have discussed email contact but neither one is sure of how their contact situations will work out at this stage.

Carolyn has been informed that she should not become pregnant again as it could prove dangerous but the couple still have a number of frozen embryos at the clinic and they are currently searching for a surrogate of their own.  The couple have been overwhelmed by the support they have received from people all over the country. 

Sean and Carolyn have engaged solicitors on their behalf to ensure that full responsibility to the blunder is accepted by the fertility clinic.

In my opinion, Carolyn Savage did a brave and wonderful thing.  After hearing the terrible news she decided to continue with her pregnancy, even though there could have been complications and knowing that it would be her last.  She was not the child's biological mother but she still carried the baby for nine months and must have made some form of connection with him.  Despite this she unselfishly made another couple's dreams come true.  What a remarkable woman!