Baby Boy Still inside Stolen Car

Emma Williams spent the worse half hour of her life when her four-month old baby son was still strapped inside her stolen car.

She watched helplessly as the car disappeared from view driven by a man who had impersonated a police officer after telling her he needed her car.

While Emma was sitting in her parked car with her two sons the man who was wearing a police jacket approached her and seemed so genuine that she believed him. 

Just as Emma was starting to get out of the car her arm was grabbed by the man who pulled her out of the way. 

Realising she had been tricked Emma rushed to get her son’s out of the back of the car but only had time to get two year old Lewis out before her Lexus speed away with baby Jack in his car seat.

"I didn't think I was going to see Jack again," Emma said. "I was frantic because of the speed he went off at."

The boy’s father Gareth Forbes was quickly informed and he was with Emma a short while after.

Safe Return of Jack

About 30 minutes later while still at the side of the road a Nissan Micra pulled up beside them and a man placed a car seat with baby Jack still strapped safely in it before driving off again.

Emma said "I was so relieved. He had the biggest smile on his face."  "When he was brought back to us it was like a miracle. "

Emma’s stolen Lexus and the Nissan car that returned Jack were both involved in accidents not long after his safe return. 

The stolen car was involved in a hit-and-run outside the Black Horse pub on Bury Road and a 39 year old man had to receive medical help for injuries to this leg and neck.  He was then arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and theft.

Detective Constable Graham Clare of Greater Manchester Police said: "This was a horrendous ordeal for the family who were left absolutely distraught that their baby was taken from them.

Fortunately he was returned safe and well but the time he was missing must have felt like an eternity for his parents