Baby Saved by Spiderboy

Playing with his friend in the back garden, 5 year old Riquelme Maciel did not hesitate when he heard a women crying and saw smoke coming out of the wooden built house next door.

The mother was stood frozen with horror and could not find the courage to go in, even though her baby was in there!  Riquelme had no thought of fear as he rushed into the burning house where he found baby Andrielli in her cradle, grabbed her and ran back outside again.

Riquelme was highly praised by the fire department Chief Jose de Macedo and has since become the talk of the town after getting his picture in all the local newspapers and gets recognised every where he goes.

Riquelme now has dreams of becoming a fire fighter and saving more lives, but without his Spiderman suit!

This little boys’ action was indeed brave and to think of the consequences is scary to say the least!

Every Home Should Fit a Smoke Alarm

It’s also astonishing to think that smoke alarms are still not used in millions of homes. 

We here in the UK have no reason to not have one fitted and even though since the introduction of Building Regulations in 1992 that all new homes are to have ‘built in’ smoke alarms fitted – how many of those are not checked to see if the battery is working, or indeed taken apart because the constant ‘bleep, bleep’ is infuriating until you find time to put in a new battery?

Statistics show that you are twice as likely to die in a fire at home if there is no smoke alarm fitted and working.

If you intend to fit an alarm, make sure you get professional advice on how to and find out where the most suitable places are (I have one just outside my kitchen that goes off every time I open up the oven or do a stir fry, but we have both got used to grabbing the tea towel and wafting at the smoke alarm.  In fact the ‘beep, beep’ sounds can be heard all down our street when people are cooking, which goes to show all the alarms were put in the wrong place)!

Thankfully there are now alarms on the market that have 'hush' buttons and can be temporarily silenced when smoke alarms are situated in places that are very sensitive when frying a good steak!  In the event of a real fire, this system would be overidden    and the alarm would work as normal.

Regular Testing Essential

Please remember to check your alarm is working and if you do not have one fitted, make it a priority to do so!  None of us want to place our children or loved ones in danger and we certainly don’t want our own ‘little spiderman or spiderwoman’ rushing into burning buildings!!

Last but certainly by no means least! The safety of our childrens clothing is totally in our hands.  It’s up to each of us to be aware of what they are wearing. Double check all labels and leave nothing to chance.  If the garment does not have a label, do not place any trust in it and never put it on something as precious as your child!