Miracle Baby Survives after Mum is Shot

A woman who is seven months pregnant and her husband were subjected to a brutal robbery at their home where their unborn child was placed in grave danger when the robbers shot at the pregnant woman.

Ntombifuthi Lombeni is thirty three years old and lives with her husband in Isipingo which is south of Durban in South Africa.  The couple were enjoying a quiet Saturday evening together when two gunmen burst into their home in an attempt to steal from them.

Ntombifuthi's husband asked them what they wanted while his pregnant wife was quite anxious to get out of the house and thought she could make a run for the door but as she did so, one of the men shot in her direction.  It wasn't until Ntombifuthi saw the blood that she realised she had been shot, in fact the armed robbers had shot her twice in the stomach.

The mum-to-be continued running down her gravel path while holding her stomach and screaming for assistance to her neighbours, and soon after collapsed on the road.  The neighbours went to her aide and it was then they heard her husband calling out for help after the men had run away.  When the paramedics arrived, they were unable to find the baby's heartbeat and the woman was losing a lot of blood so they feared the worst.

Bullet Missed Unborn Child

Ntombifuthi was taken to hospital where she told doctors that she did not have any feeling below her waist but the doctors confirmed that this was just a temporary sensation and that her feeling would return. Mum-to-be Ntombifuthi was quite rightly concerned about the welfare of her baby as she lay in her hospital bed.  She was in considerable pain and was afraid of losing the baby who is not due to be born until July.  Fortunately she was informed by the doctors that the bullet had missed her unborn child.

Both mother and baby are lucky to be alive and Ntombifuthi is grateful that she and her unborn baby survived this awful attack.   Ntombifuthi is currently in a stable condition and recovering in hospital with her husband at her side. 

It was not known if anything was stolen from the couple's home.  The men responsible for this attack have not been found.  Superintendent Muzi Mngomezulu stated that they were looking into the matter further.

Clearly a very lucky woman and a true miracle baby!