Mum and Dad Watch While Son is Dropped to Safety

What thoughts must have been going through parents Muhammet and Nergiz as they saw their baby son falling from a fourth floor window, after his uncle had dropped him out, makes us thankful we will hopefully never experience it ourselves.

Trapped in a blazing block of flats with no route of escape except the window, they had no other choice, and with only moments to spare, had to depend on the waiting arms of the policeman below and prayed he would catch their baby boy. Kamil Kaplan dropped his nephew out of the window knowing they were trapped.

He said “I saw this cop with his arms outstretched holding his jacket like a safety net. I looked him in the eye and he looked at me as if to say ‘go for it’.  I kissed Onur one last time and then I let him fall”.

Eight month old Onur Calar was thankfully caught by the policemen who fell while catching the falling baby and struck his head on impact.  The policeman was taken to hospital to treat his injury and was discharged a few days later

Police Treating Fire as Suspected Arson

Sadly nine people lost their lives in the fire that police suspect may have been started deliberately by racists.

Among those dead were Onur’s two year old brother and their young cousins Dilara and Karanfil.  His aunty Hulya who was pregnant was also among the dead.  Those injured in the fire rose to 60.  Two of which were children that had survived by huddling together behind a sofa.

Mum and dad Muhammet and Nergiz were saved by firemen and are in hospital in the southern German town of Ludwigshafen being treated for their injuries.  Uncle Erdal is looking after baby Onus until they are well enough to be discharged.

A police spokesman said "Only one child was thrown out of the window, but about 60 people were saved and brought out through windows." "We still can't go into the building, which could collapse at any time. It's too dangerous," he said.

Two young girls told a television crew that they had seen a German-speaking man set fire to some twigs with a cigarette lighter and put them next to a pram in the house stairwell. The four story block of flats was packed with friends and relatives of the 52 residents as they watched the celebrations of a street festival on the television during the afternoon.  The fire broke out on the first floor where the wooden stairs acted like a chimney drawing flames upwards.

Rene Werse who witnesses the fire and took the picture of the falling baby that has since been on the front cover of papers worldwide said "I saw things that I shall never forget. There were people on their balconies and at their windows, screaming to get out. It was hell."

Turkey’s Prime Minister Calls for an Inquiry

The Prime Minister of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan has singled out racism as a possible motive.  On speaking to Turkish lawmakers he said “We are greatly concerned over the possibility of premeditation in the fire in which all the victims were Turks," he said. "Is the real reason behind this sad event xenophobia? We hope not."

He has called for an inquiry into the fatal fire where the residents were all Turkish.  Germany is sending a special fire investigation team to the burnt out building once it has been deemed safe.  Fire Specialists from Turkey are to be working alongside them.

Thankfully baby Onur will be re-united with his parents very soon and they will no doubt be forever grateful to the policeman who saved his life.