Baby Born on Trans-Atlantic Flight

Trans-Atlantic Flight 59 landed with an added surprise passenger on New Year’s Eve when a woman went into labour 90 minutes before the plane was due to land at Boston airport in Massachusetts.

Baby Sasha was not about to wait till her mother was on firmer ground and decided to mark her entry into the world while thousands of feet up in the air on the flight from India and Europe.

Because she was born over Canadian airspace the baby girl is deemed to be granted Canadian citizenship for customs’ purposes but immigration ministry has so far made no comments.

Is There a Doctor on the Plane?

The eight month pregnant Ugandan woman who has not been named was helped during her labour by two doctors who were on the plane.

Dr. Paresh Thakkar who was returning after celebrating a wedding and Dr. Natarajan Raman who was also a passenger and had just attending his 25th medical school reunion in India.

Thakkar  and Natarjan both leapt from their seats after hearing a the flight crew asking if there was a doctor on board and when they reached the rear of the plane they found a women doubled over in agony and moaning with the pain.

"She was in distress," Thakkar said. "She had lots of pain and cramps in her abdomen and so when I examined her she said, 'I'm 8 1/2 months pregnant.' "

When asked by the flight crew if the doctor wanted the plane to make an emergency landing he replied saying “No, let me examine her first. I examined her and the head was coming out. So I said, 'No, it's an emergency and we will do it here.' "

The pregnant woman was carefully laid across a row of seats and a medical kit was found and handed to the doctors’. 

Two passengers who were seated in the row in front made a makeshift delivery room by holding up a blanket enabling more privacy for the woman and the doctors’.

“We were the official blanket-holders” said Phil Jones and Susan MacDonald.

When the baby’s cries were heard 30 minutes later passengers clapped and hugged each other and life-changing experiences and beliefs were soon to be heard amongst the jubilant passengers.

Food and blankets were offered to the new mother and baby and some vacated their seats to give them more room.  ,"Everybody was there to help," said Dr. Raman.  “All I need to let you know is that despite the recession, we're still progressive in our thinking” he added.

Mother and 6lbs baby Sasha were taken to Massachusetts General Hospital and checked over by doctors before being given the all clear.

Paul Thibeau, a Northwest spokesman, said “no rules prohibit women from flying while pregnant. Flight crews can deny a passenger entry on a plane if they are concerned about her safety, but generally leave it to a woman and her doctor to decide when it is safe for her to fly, he said.

Thibeau said he was not aware of anyone stopping the woman from boarding Flight 59