Celebrities and Adoption

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have the support of an Ethiopian adoption agency over claims that their 2 year old adopted daughter Zahara’s alleged birth mother now wants her back.

Zahara was adopted by Angelina in July 2005 after the birth grandmother told the court that her daughter was dead and she was too poor to bring up Zahara. She even brought three witnesses with her who all testified that Zahara’s mother had indeed died and the father was unknown.

The agency who conducted the adoption said that the adoption was fully legal and irrevocable.  They are blaming news reporters who it has been suspected have paid relatives to raise the dispute.  They also state that ‘the controversy is media hype by unethical journalists exploiting the poverty of the grandmother’.

Angelina and Brad are not the first, nor will they be the last celebrities to have become adopted parents.  There is a long list of well known stars who have adopted many children.  Most of them have done so quietly and not been given anywhere near the media coverage as Angelina and Madonna.

Other Famous Celebrity Adopters

To name a few of those that have adopted children are: Mia Farrow, Tom Cruise, Sharon Stone, Bette Davis and Ronald Reagan – in fact the list is endless! 

Adoption for many is their last resort to having a child.  The heartbreak of trying and the realisation that you cannot give birth to a child is not only heart rendering, it can be expensive and without doubt turns your world upside down!  So what leads these famous people who can and have given birth to their own babies to decide to go down the adoption path?

I speak from family experience when I say it is no easy matter trying to adopt a child!  It can take up to 2 years of a life changing situation, where your whole being and way of life is poked, prodded and delved intensely into.  Your home is visited by complete strangers who tell you how to make your house and garden ‘child friendly’, give you homework after endless seminars and research into every family member’s private lives.

Yes, it certainly is a blessing that a baby or child is not handed over to just anybody without a moments’ thought – but then why are celebrities and people that have money and fame not treated the same? Do the courts firmly believe that because they have the money they can give them a more loving and stable home?

I guess we all have our own views on celebrity adoption, right or wrong we must not forget these are children’s lives we are talking about and where would most of them have sadly ended if not adopted?