Chocolate for Girls and Burger for Boys

According to the latest reports in New Scientist food eaten before getting pregnant could very well manipulate the environment of your womb to favour what sex your baby is going to be!

Tests performed by researchers at the University of Pretoria in South Africa on mice that were given drugs to reduce their blood sugar levels, found they produced more female than male pups.

The findings at the University fits well with the ‘old wives tales’ that mothers who want a boy should feed on red meat, pasta, beans and salty snacks, while those wishing for a girl should eat chocolates and sweets.

Mineral salts calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium which are in the body and within the foods that you eat while trying to conceive could affect the way an egg is fertilized.

Reports from lead researcher Professor Elisa Cameron shows that a steroid called dexamathasone slows down the transfer of glucose into the blood.  Cameron said "It is very interesting that meat raises blood sugar levels for a sustained period of time while sugar-based snacks are associated with a slump in blood glucose," she explains.

Cameron's study adds to the evidence that a baby's gender is not simply down to whether the father delivers an X or a Y chromosome. The environment of the womb, it is claimed, can be manipulated to favour either male or female sperm.

Test Results from Japan and America

During the past 10 years, in Japan tests on pre conception rats have been fed a low protein diet giving more female pup births while in America rats fed on a diet rich in animal fat has let to more male mice pups.

Couples in their thousands would be ecstatic to have the choice of a girl or boy, but Professor Sharpe who is head of the Medical Research Council's Human Reproductive Sciences Unit at Edinburgh University warns that "messing about" with diet is not a good preparation for conception. "There are a few simple steps that are worth taking to prevent harm to the baby – stopping smoking and drinking, eating a healthy diet, cutting out irritants including cosmetics. That's the responsible way to prepare for parenthood."

Eating lovely chocolate and ice-cream to get your little girl seems a dream come true for chocoholics everywhere, but with all this extra sugar comes the risk of weight gain, higher sugar levels and that good old ‘its bad for your teeth’ saying!  Burgers and salt snacks are not the ideal diet to get your body prepared to host your precious gift either!

Eat well and enjoy your treats but until the earth’s population is dying out and one gender far outweighs the other, I should image that many will just be thankful that they are to be blessed with whatever sex!!