Conceived Together but not Born Together

In an effort to become a family, so many couples all over the world experience infertility and choose to have some form of fertility treatment which could range from medication to help boost fertility to In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).   For some couples it is not always successful but there are so many positive outcomes from these treatments and many couples even go on to have further children from the same IVF cycle.

One such lucky couple was forty one year old Helen Baxter and her husband Shane who is thirty seven.  The couple from Grantham in Lincolnshire had been trying for a baby for about eighteen months before they decided to go and look into the reasons why they were not conceiving.  Their tests revealed scar tissue on Helen’s fallopian tubes so in early 2006 they began treatment at the Care Fertility clinic based in Nottingham. 

The children were all fertilised at the same time from a treatment of IVF that the couple had back in May 2006.  During this cycle, Helen was lucky enough to fall pregnant with her daughter Alice who was born in February 2007 and is now three years old and the remaining four embryos were frozen to be used at a later date.

She Was Carrying Triplets

Over the next couple of years, Helen a personnel manager, had two miscarriages after falling pregnant naturally and then the couple decided to once again go for fertility treatment and Helen had three of the four embryos implanted back into her womb.  Helen was again lucky enough to fall pregnant and this time, she and her husband were shocked to discover at the eight week scan that she was carrying triplets.

Alice’s siblings, Maisy who was 2lbs and Niamh and Noah who were both 4lbs were born in January 2010 at the Queen’s Medical Centre in Nottingham by caesarean section.  Had the children all been born together they would have been quadruplets.

Any couple who achieves a positive result from a course of IVF will most definitely consider themselves to be lucky and no doubt would have felt some trepidation about trying for a second time but this couple have been ‘quadrupley’ lucky at receiving such a miracle.  Good luck to them all for the future!