China's Babies Still Suffering from Contaminated Milk

Babies in China are still suffering from drinking contaminated milk powder that contained the industrial chemical melamine used in plastics, glues and fertilizers. Melamine can cause kidney stones which in severe cases could lead to kidney failure.

Authorities announced at the beginning of September that milk powder had been contaminated and a rush of recalls of Chinese milk products has since taken place worldwide.  This has led to China’s dairy industry being hit hard and a United Nations report this week is urging the county to enact stricter laws.

Food Safety and Health Scares

The public have now lost trust in the countries food safety standards and this has led to China’s parliament debating a bill that is aimed at improving food safety and introducing stricter laws.

Xinhua news agency reported the National People’s Congress aims to prevent any cover-ups by health authorities and the proposed draft law would make them directly responsible for approving additives in processed foods.

China has been hit by a spate of health scares over recent years and the new law would prevent food safety authorities from issuing inspection exemptions to major food producers, as happened in the milk scandal.

Authorities were Aware of Scandal

Sadly four deaths occurred before the public was aware of the milk contamination and powdered milk was still being sold daily to parents unaware they were feeding their children with milk containing dangerous chemicals.

The four infants died between May and August but the scandal only broke last month.  One Chinese dairy was fully aware of what was going on but failed to report it to government officials immediately.  When officials were told they still delayed the news until after the Beijing Olympics.

This week a further six people were arrested and charged with allegedly adding melamine to milk and so far up to thirty six have also been arrested in the major dairy region of Hebei province, south of Inner Mongolia