Dad Delivers Baby

While the event of childbirth can be a wonderful and momentous experience for some, not all fathers-to-be want to even be in the delivery room with their partner, never mind deliver the baby all by themselves!

Thirty three year old Thomas Howard and his partner, twenty six year old Emily Baron was in the maternity ward of Royal Blackburn Hospital in Lancashire where they were awaiting the delivery of their fifth child. 

Thomas had raised a concern about his partner’s condition and apparently, the stroppy midwife walked out of the delivery suite in order to collect Emily’s medical notes but during her absence, Emily’s labour quickened.  On hearing his partner scream Thomas made his way to the end of the bed and saw the baby’s head crowning.  Despite shouting for help, Thomas was unable to reach anyone and had no other choice but to be with his partner and delivery their baby.  Throughout the delivery he continued to press the emergency button but no one arrived until it was too late and just a few minutes later the baby had been delivered.

Thomas, drawing on his knowledge of watching babies being born in movies, turned his new baby over onto her side and slapped her back to make sure she began breathing.  By the time the midwife returned to the suite, Thomas was busy cleaning his new baby and he states that the midwife carried on as if the father delivering the baby was a normal occurrence.

Madeline is Doing Well

Born around two weeks earlier than her due date, baby Madeline Louise came into the world after a two hour labour weighing almost five pounds.   Madeline is doing well and shortly thereafter she left the hospital to be with her siblings, nine year old Reece, Dylan who is six, Adam who is two and one year old Deni.  Emily who had concerns during her labour as two of her previous children had suffered complications was grateful that Thomas was with her.

The hospital has apologised to the family and stated that they will investigate the matter further in order to find out why they were left alone.  A representative from the East Lancashire Hospital NHS Trust, Ruth Gildert, commented that is it sometimes necessary for the staff to leave the delivery suite and the unexpected can happen.  The hospital denied claims of any issues with staff shortages.  A spokesman from the National Childbirth Trust stated that it is not acceptable for a woman in labour to be left alone.

Thomas was left literally ‘holding the baby’ and while they are grateful that Madeline is healthy and suffered no distress during the birth, the pair are considering lodging a complaint to the hospital.  They feel their treatment at the maternity ward was incompetent and sloppy.

What a scary situation to find yourself in, having to deliver your own child without any medical training.  Well done that dad!