Dad with Seven Kids Wants an Eighth

Having a child in today’s society seems to be no longer about family values or wanting to raise a child together because you love someone enough to have their baby.  For some women, and just because they can have babies, they decide to pop them out left right and centre and this also seems to be rubbing off on a lot of men.

For one man at just twenty four years old, already having seven children by seven different women is quite plainly not enough in his option and he and his new girlfriend are trying for an eighth child together.  Not that he sees his other seven children of course who have been abandoned by this jobless and immature man.

Keith will be a Wonderful Father

Keith MacDonald from Sunderland is due to marry his fiancé twenty year old Clare Bryant who feels that Keith will be a wonderful father to the two children that they plan to have together; despite knowing about his previous children and his actions regarding their upbringing.

Keith lives on income support which pays him only forty four pounds every week so to date, he has not paid any money towards his children’s care and in fact his children are costing tax payers approximately sixty thousand pounds which will rise to over one million pounds by the time his children reach the age of sixteen.

Keith and Clare met in March during the evening at the Sunderland bus station where a drunken Keith asked Clare out on a date.  Clare agreed and the couple started dating, much to the annoyance of Clare’s family who warned her about becoming pregnant by this man.  After just a few months, Clare has decided that she would like to have Keith’s babies and the pair stopped using condoms.

Keith proposed after just three months together and the couple now live together in a council house in Sunderland.  Both are unemployed and claiming benefits and are happy to share that they only go to the pub a couple of times a week and the pair enjoy watching television, surfing the internet and saving for their up and coming wedding.

Allegedly, Keith started to sleep with women at the tender age of ten years old and Keith began fatherhood quite early in his life at just fifteen and is now the proud father of nine year old Jamie Leigh, seven year old Kady, Angelis who is six, Brandon who is just five years old, three year old Matt, two year old Emily and one year old Clio.

Keith claims that he is a changed man after meeting Clare and is happy to live his life with Clare and any children they have together and has promised that he will not cheat on her or drink to excess ever again.

I find it hard to write an opinion about this man without offending anyone but I will say that it seems like he has a lot of growing up to do and the first thing he should be doing, apart from keeping it in his pants, is getting off that internet and trying to get a job instead of walking out on them and doing something to support his ever growing family, like a real man should!