Different Dads for Twin Boys

This phenomenon has happened in the past when technology has gone wrong and during an IVF treatment two embryos with different DNA have been inserted back into the womb but for it to happen naturally for two twin boys to have different fathers is just amazing.

Twenty year old Mia Washington is mother to two eleven month old twin boys Jordan and Justin.  Mia and her partner James Harrison had discussed their boys having differing features on their faces and subsequently decided to ask the experts.  They were both shocked to learn that the boys were in fact officially half brothers as they each had a different dad.

A DNA lab in Dallas, Texas carried out the paternity tests to reveal the 99.99% chance that the boys were not full siblings.  The tests proved that there were two different sperm donors that each fertilised an egg, a result that the lab had never seen before.

Mia commented to Channel Fox TV that she was very shocked that it happened to her but did admit to having an affair right before finding out that she was pregnant.   James, while officially only the father of one of the boys, is intending to raise the boys as his own and commented that he had forgiven Mia for her affair.  The couple will tell the boys at some stage when they are able to understand.  They do not plan on telling the other biological father anything.

Medically Possible?

Thomas Moore a health correspondent from Sky confirmed that it is possible for a woman to ovulate two eggs.  As a woman's eggs are viable for over a day and sperm can last up to five days, the eggs can each be fertilised by two different sperm donors' days apart from each other. 

Apparently this rare occurrence of twins having different dads is a one in a million chance but when it does happen, it is called 'heteropaternal superfecundation'.