Drunken Mother Driving with Baby

In Alice Springs in Australia, a nineteen year old teenage mother almost crashed her car into a police car because she was drink driving, but even more amazingly, she was actually breastfeeding her small baby at the time.

Officers in the police car narrowly missed the girl’s Holden Commodore Station Wagon only because they were able to brake sharply.  The girl, having just left the Gap View Hotel bar, did not stop and hastily drove away after the near collision and the officers were horrified to see the young girl clutching the five month old baby to her breast as she drove off.

Once the girl’s car had been stopped, it came to light that the girl had already had her licence disqualified and she was unable to complete a roadside test due to the fact that she was so drunk.  She was arrested immediately and the baby was left in the care of family members.  The girl was charged, not only with driving a vehicle unregistered and uninsured but also with driving whilst disqualified and driving whilst intoxicated.

A spokesperson from the Northern Territory Police stated that they were disgusted with the girl’s behaviour, not only did she endanger her own live but her actions with regard to the unrestrained child were reckless and appalling.

More Drunk Mothers

Unfortunately, this is not a one off case, women all over are being found driving while intoxicated and worse still with their children in the same car with them.  Other similar cases include:

  • A twenty six year old woman was stopped and breathalysed by Lothian and Borders Police in Edinburgh one morning in July this year.  Police then spotted her little three month old baby was in the back seat of the car sleeping soundly.  An anti drink driving campaign had just started the week before throughout the country when the un-named woman, after being seen driving treacherously was stopped in Baileyfield Road Edinburgh.  She was found to be over the limit by double the legal amount of alcohol allowed.  She will be appearing at Edinburgh Sheriff Court at some point in the future.
  • In June, thirty five year old Kalia Scarman was given a three year driving ban, fined sixty pounds and given a suspended sentence.  She was found guilty of consuming more than four times the legal limit of alcohol while driving to school to pick up her six year old daughter.  Kalia from Canterbury in Kent was reported to Police after she had been seen walking erratically while collecting her daughter and when questioned she admitted to drinking a whole cup of vodka before leaving the house.
  • Marya Green, a twenty nine year old woman from Cincinnati in Ohio drunkenly let her year old son sit on her lap in the front seat and while she pressed the pedals, her toddler drove the car.  Her eight and five year old children were in the back seat of the car when she was pulled over and she subsequently failed her roadside test.
  • In Ballingry in Fife, a thirty seven year old woman, Norma Fraser received a jail sentence of five months and a driving ban of eight years after she crashed into a Land Rover.  After the crash and in a drunken stupor, she got out of her car and walked away abandoning her two young children, a three year old and a three month old baby, in the back of the car.  Norma, a repeat offender, was located and arrested at a friend’s house and was found to be three times over the limit.  Convicted for the third time of driving while drunk, Norma was given a four year driving ban.

While I can’t help but think what a terrible example these mothers are on their impressionable children, I also think that they were extremely lucky not to be hurt by their mother’s inexcusable behaviour.  Let’s hope that the penalties they received will encourage them to drive in a more adult and responsible manner!