Fast Birth at McDonalds

Famous for fast foods, McDonald’s went one step further this week with a fast birth after mum and dad-to-be had to stop in the car park when they realised they were not going to reach the hospital in time.

The couple who were on their way to Birmingham’s Women’s hospital during the morning rush hour drove into McDonald’s and parked up after the woman’s water had broken and she felt the urge to push.

Dad-to-be called for an ambulance and went into action as a stand in midwife, but before any help arrived their baby son was born.

The ambulance crew had rushed to the scene but got there too late to assist in the birth but took mother and baby onto the women’s hospital where they were given a check up by doctors and both declared well and the neither had any problems due to the quick delivery.

Last Shift of the Day

Karen Parry who was the Paramedic first on the scene said “It was a wonderful experience for everyone. Mum, dad and baby were all doing well which was great.

“We’ve had just finished a really hard 12 hour shift and this was our last job of the day, and what a good way to finish.”

Emergency medical technician Debbie Styzaker, who was also in the ambulance, said: “This sort of job almost always ends in good news. The parents were understandably very emotional, and to be fair, I think we were too.”

The happy incident happened on the Bristol Road and Belgrave Middleway which is one of the busiest roads leading into the town centre and rush hour traffic was delayed even more than usual as early morning commuters with good intentions had reported several cases of a crash at the junction because of sightings of ambulance and police crews.

Early Birth Blamed on Robbery

New mum Rebecca Curtis, 22 from Edgbaston has since blamed the early delivery of her 5lb 4oz baby son on shock brought on by the experience of being in a store the day before when it was held up by robbers.

Rebecca was shopping in Ladywood when the shopkeeper was assaulted by a trio of men branding guns and threatening to shoot.

She said “The guy pointed the gun towards us and said as long as you stay there nothing will happen to you”

“As soon as I saw the gun in his hand I thought by baby, my baby, I can’t lose hm” she added.

It was only a few hours later that baby Daniel was born in the car park.

Police are now appealing for information regarding the robbery and the three men involved.

Thank goodness mother and baby survived such a terrible ordeal and doing fine.  Wonder if baby Daniel will grow up loving or hating MacDonald’s?