Five Month Foetus Removed with a Razor Blade and no Anaesthetic

A 14 year old girl is in a critical condition after her mother and brother allegedly cut open her womb with a razor blade and removed the foetus without the use of anaesthetic.

The girl had fallen pregnant after suffering a rape attack five months previously and her family had not reported the crime because sex outside of marriage is illegal in Afghanistan. 

Family members will not admit to rape because of the shame and stigma attached to sex before marriage.  Some victims have been murdered by their own families rather than admit they have had sex; with or without consent.

Officials arrested a man accused of the rape only after the girl had been taken to hospital and details of the attack were brought to light because the family had not reported the crime.

The mother and brother of the girl took her to a stable where they carried out the alleged horrific removal of the foetus before burying it in the grounds outside and stitching up her wound.

Father Told Doctors that Daughter had Suffered Dog Bite

After being taken home and left for three days the father finally took her to the hospital for medical treatment saying she had been bitten by a dog so that people would not know an illegal abortion had been carried out.

Dr Ghulam Mohammad Nader, head of Barniyan hospital told officials after treating her that the girl’s condition was critical but she had been able to tell them what had happened.

Authorities have come under fire by critics and accused of not taking allegations of reported rape attacks seriously, especially those made by underage children.

President Karzai has since made a calling to the Afgham Supreme Court for rapists to be brought to justice after three judges who acquitted people accused of rape were suspended.

This young girl’s experience of suffering at the hands of her own family had to be a very frightening time and hopefully she will not be scared for life by a woman who gave birth to her a short fourteen years ago and who does not deserve the title of ‘mother’!