Fourteenth Baby goes into Care

In October last year we wrote about a woman from Luton who, after already having thirteen children, was pregnant with her fourteenth and at the time she stated that she would continue to have children one by one until she and her partner were allowed to keep one of them!

A month or so later Theresa Winters and her partner Toney Housden gave birth to their baby boy who just a week later was subsequently removed from their care.  Toney is the father to all but two of Theresa’s children.

Thirty seven year old Theresa had her first child at just nineteen and to date, all of them have been taken away from her to be adopted, some of them at birth.  It was reported that throughout her pregnancies, Theresa continued to smoke and she and her partner, who now have no contact with their children at all, were unemployed.  Neighbours and even some family members are appalled at this couple’s lifestyle and there have even been some questions raised about the couple’s claims for disability and benefits.

The pair have kept as much memorabilia of the children as they could including some photographs and the birth certificates and at some point in the future, they hope to be reunited with their children.

In the past, Theresa and Toney have threatened to leave the country while pregnant in the hope that they would be able to keep their child but, after having the fourteenth child taken away from them it seems that at last, they have seen the light.  

Implant Inserted

Theresa, under the advisement of Social Services, has had an implant inserted into her arm which should prevent her from becoming pregnant for at least the next three years, plus she has vowed not to fall pregnant again.   In making this commitment she feels that this will prove to the Social Services that she can be a capable mother and hopes that she will then be trusted enough by the Social to become a family.

In the meantime, Theresa’s eldest daughter who she hasn’t seen since she was two years old is due to turn eighteen later this year and she plans to begin searching for her in a bid to form a relationship.

If this couple, who claim over a thousand pounds a month in benefits and live in a one bedroomed flat owned by the local Council think that being good parents is just a case of not becoming pregnant for a few years then they have a lot to learn.  Only time will tell if she has truly learnt her lesson!