Are Jennifer Lopez and Husband Marc Anthony Expecting Twins?

Jennifer Lopez has everybody guessing if she is expecting twins after shopping for and ordering two of everything while out shopping. All in pink and blue!

The 38 year old singer/actor announced last month that she was pregnant by husband Marc Anthony and has already registered for a gift list with the top Los Angeles boutique Petit Tresor. An enamelled black stroller at a cost of £3,495 is the most expensive item on the list.

Jennifer is certainly adding fuel to the speculation by putting on the list 2 Moses baskets, 2 Smushy teddy bears with pink or blue ribbons as well as 2 double Peg Perego strollers

It appears that one of the richest women under 40 in the world is sparing no expense for her baby or babies to be cared for. 

Petit Tresor have been commissioned to design three separate nurseries at the couple's estates in Bel Air, Fisher Island and Oyster Bay.  Each nursery will have a $40,000 budget and will include gilded cots and the most chic European furniture.  Embroidered lines have been ordered in pink and blue from France.

Jennifer and Marc follow in a long line of stars and celebrities who have twins, along with actors such as Robert De Niro, Michael J Fox, Mel Gibson and even William Shakespeare.

Twins in the Family

Having twins for any family today is a very demanding time and can lead to a lot of stress and strain on relationships.  Results from a survey done by the Twins and Multiple Births Association (TAMBA) found that 55 per cent did not go out as a family as they used to or as often as they would like.

Financial demands also added strain to their relationship according to 45 per cent and almost a fifth admitted that they contemplated separating from their partner.

TAMBA director Helen Forbes said: "Some found the first year most challenging, with a lack of practical help rated highly as a stress factor, whilst those who found the pre-school or school age most challenging, the multiples' behaviour, finances and couple relationship difficulties all put the family under stress.

"It's also common for couples to find the antenatal period the most challenging, although keeping on top of other responsibilities was rated the highest stress factor, anxiety over the health of the babies was rated above lack of sleep.

"It is concerning that so many parents are feeling the strain. Our research shows just how important our on-going work to highlight the needs of families are, plus our working with the Child Poverty Action Group in its campaign for a fairer deal for multiple birth families through an equal amount of child benefit for each sibling.
"When you have twins or more, there are no hands-me down from older children and specialist equipment can be expensive."

Financial worries will certainly not add any stress to Jennifer’s marriage and I’m sure she will not get overtired will all those late night feeds or teething problems.  Double wishes for her double bundles of joy!