Man Charged after giving Child a Tattoo

A man from Canton in Ohio could face a jail term sentence of up to five years in prison when he recklessly tattooed a one year old child on her bottom!

Twenty year old Lee Deitrick is now facing a child endangering charge which is a felony in Ohio.  In November of last year, the young girl was visiting Mr Deitrick’s home with a sixteen year old female who is believed to have been babysitting for the child at the time and is the aunt of the child. 

At some point during the visit, Mr Deitrick set about disfiguring the girl’s backside with his home made tattoo.  The tattoo consists of one letter, the letter ‘A’ which is not able to be removed from the child’s bottom.

Lee lives with his grandmother, Linda Texter and she was able to recall the visit by the girls and states that while it was a horrible thing to happen, the actual tattoo is very minimum and almost like a ‘hair’ line.

A Complaint Was Filed

A complaint was filed to the Police by social workers from the Department of Job and Family Services in Stark County. 

Police Chief Andrew Turowski stated that Lee, who is not the girl’s dad, has not explained what the ‘A’ tattoo is an indication of or even why he tattooed the child in the first place.  He went on to say that he personally did not understand why anyone would do such a thing and confirmed that the sixteen year old girl was not a suspect.

 Mr Turowski commented that there was no indication that permission had been given to Mr Deitrick by the girl’s mother for her to receive a tattoo.

Canton Municipal Court heard the complaint and Mr Deitrick is now under lock and key in the Stark County Jail.  It appears that a hold has been put on any probation so a jail sentence seems much more likely.

Disgraceful, how can a grown man deface a young girl in this manner?  I hope the Courts give this man the sentence he deserves and that he will think twice about ever doing something like this again!