Miracle Baby Finley Survives Amazing Battle to be Born

When mum Jodie sees the smiling face of her three month old son Finley looking at her, she still can’t believe the miracle of him being born.  

To be blessed with a child is a miracle in itself but this baby boy’s amazing battle of being conceived while Jodie was on the pill, surviving an abortion and growing in the womb after a contraceptive coil had been fitted is certainly a case for the medical books!

Mum Jodie had to make the heartbreaking decision at 8 weeks into her pregnancy to go ahead with a termination.   After giving birth to her first son Thane who sadly only lived for 20 minutes, it was discovered that Jodie was a carrier of a potentially lethal genetic kidney problem.

Second son Lewis was born with similar problems and at 15 months old he survives on just one kidney.  Parents Billy and Jodie knew they could not risk having anymore children and she started taking the contraception pill.

Missing a period three months later, she took a pregnancy test.  “I was in real shock when the pink line came up” she said.  “I remember Billy was in the bath when I told him”.

“At first a smile came across his face until he realised, as I’d already done, how terrible this could be”.

After talking it through they made the heartbreaking decision to have an abortion at the Chesterfield Royal Hospital. 

Jodie remembers the day with a mixture of fear, sadness and of being totally lost.  "Although the procedure itself didn't hurt the whole experience was horrific. I was sobbing, looking at all the pipes and equipment and thinking, ‘Oh my God, that's where my baby is going”, she said.

After it was over, the doctor fitted her with the contraceptive coil and after being in the room for 20 minutes, she was told she could go.  Billy was amazed at how quick Jodie returned to him in the waiting room.  Thoughts of a conveyor belt process went through his mind!

Ten Weeks Later

Jodie had not seen a period after 10 weeks and went to see the doctor when she became concerned.  She was told that it could be the pregnancy hormones that were still present in her body.

"I felt like I was going mad. I had the fluttering feeling in my stomach and some dry skin on my leg, which I always get during pregnancy." Finally another test confirmed she WAS pregnant.  Thinking that she had conceived again after the abortion she was in turmoil. "I didn't think I could go through another termination. But also I couldn't face the pain of having another baby who didn't survive.

"At a scan two days later the nurse said, ‘do you want to look at your baby on the screen?' I said no—I didn't want to look at a baby I may never be able to have.

The nurse then delivered the bombshell by telling Jodie that she was 19 weeks pregnant and this was the baby that should have been terminated.

"At first I was angry that this was happening to us that the procedure had failed. I wrote to the hospital, I couldn't believe that they'd let me down like this.  "They wrote back and apologised and said it was very rare."

The main concern now was to find out if this baby had a kidney condition and after the 20 week scan he showed a blockage in the tube to the bladder which was causing the kidney to swell up.

This was the same stage that her first born Thane had lost his fight and Jodie and Billy were elated after the doctor confirmed that the baby could survive, making them realise that this child was indeed a fighter.

Baby Finley is Born against all the Odds

Finley decided to enter this world at three weeks premature weighing in at 6lbs 3ozs and the placenta complete with the coil embedded into it arrived not long after!

Jodie said “It was all mixed-up emotions.  I felt such a surge of love and bonding for him.  I knew he was a miracle. I just couldn’t believe that this child, who’d had a death sentence on his head, had got through it all and looked so perfect”.

Uncertain if he will need an operation as only one of his kidneys is affected, parents Jodie and Billy say they feel lucky to have two beautiful little boys.

Not wanting to take any more risks, mum has had the contraceptive injection and dad is all set to have a vasectomy.  They have made this an extra special time by setting a date to get married this August.

There are many stories of babies surviving after undergoing a termination.  Most of these babies have gone on to live normal lives – some being a little bit slower than others and taking a bit longer to catch up academically.  These children could be classed as extra special and more than just a miracle, indeed they were meant for this world!