Mother Charged With Abandoning Baby

A young woman, Rosa Freeman, was arrested by Milwaukee Police and was charged with abandoning her baby in a bag where she was consequently found by a neighbour.  The baby girl was believed to be only a day old. 

Milwaukee has a Save Haven program enabling mothers to hand over their babies within three days of giving birth but the young mother failed to follow these guidelines.  She was also charged with recklessly endangering the child's safety and faces up to twenty years in jail.

The eighteen year old, after giving birth at home, wrapped her newborn baby girl inside a nappy bag and left her on top of a car in an alley near to her neighbour's house.  Cleveland Scott found the bag and took it indoors to ask his wife, Vivian Peterson, if it was hers to which she denied seeing it before.  Cleveland left the bag back in the alley next to a recycling unit and it was over an hour later when Vivian on leaving for work saw the bag and decided to check its contents.  On opening the bag she saw what she believed to be a doll in a blanket but was very surprised to find a tiny baby.  When the baby moved she realised that it was still alive and she called the Police who handed the baby over to the Bureau of Child Welfare.  They have stated that the child is in a good condition.

Mother Used Own Phone to Report 'Abandoned' Baby

The Police traced the newborn back to the teen mother due to a 911 call she made on her own phone reporting that she had seen someone abandoning a baby.

The media was informed that Rosa Freeman, who works at a day care centre, has three other children aged ten months, two and five.  It is believed that the older two children are currently in foster care. 

Rosa's shocked mother and family were not even aware that she was pregnant with her fourth child.  They stated that Rosa was a loving woman who cares greatly for her children and knew what it meant to be a good mother as she was adopted at five years old.