Mother Sells Breast Milk Online

When people watch documentaries on the television they often hear about baby animals who have lost their mothers being raised by another mother or sometimes a totally different species of animal and in some cases, the ‘adoptive’ mother feeds the baby with their own milk perhaps because they have lost their own baby or just because they have more to spare.  Apart from perhaps some tribes in Africa, this generally doesn’t happen in the Western world but one mother from Exeter has so much milk to spare that she is selling it!

After twenty six year old Toni Ebdon had given birth to her baby boy David, her breast milk came in such abundance that she began to suffer with sore breasts and she had so much excess milk that she decided to pump it and use the internet to sell it. 

Freshly Pumped on Request

It originally started out as a joke when a friend of Toni’s commented about the amount that she had to spare and that she could open her own dairy farm and this gave Toni the idea to sell the milk.  Toni began extracting the breast milk and stored it in the freezer but it is possible to buy the milk freshly pumped if the customer requests it.

It is not just new mothers who have requested the milk, Toni has also had requests from men and at the moment, Toni currently has around ten regulars who purchase the milk from her for around fifteen pounds for about four ounces.  While the milk will not make Toni rich, she intends to continue selling her milk until she is no longer able to produce it.

While some might feel this is a rather distasteful business, this does actually seem like a lovely and thoughtful thing to do.  There are so many mothers who are unable to breast feed their babies and everyone knows the advantages of having breast milk in the first few months of life so rather than selling the milk perhaps she could consider donating the milk to those poorly or premature babies in the hospitals that could really benefit from it!