Mother Wrongly Informed Baby was Dead after Scan

A woman from Donabate in Ireland, whilst attending her antenatal scan in July last year, was told that the baby had died but had in fact been given the wrong information!

Melissa Redmond from Donabate in North Dublin and her family had recently returned from a holiday in West Ireland.  Melissa was around eight weeks pregnant with her third child when she was attending a routine scan at the Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda.  Melissa and her husband Michael had been trying for their third child but unfortunately Melissa had four miscarriages before falling pregnant this time so the couple were understandably distraught at hearing the news that their baby had died.

Melissa’s husband Michael stated that having been pregnant previously, Melissa did not feel any different than her other pregnancies so before the scan took place, neither of them had considered that there may be any problems this time.  After being given the upsetting news, Melissa was told that the foetus would need to be removed and arrangements were made for the D&C operation to be carried out a couple of days later.

Melissa Requested a Second Opinion

Sure that the hospital was wrong, Melissa requested a second opinion and went to see a local doctor who gave her a scan and straight away the baby’s heartbeat could be heard.  The couple, both overjoyed that their baby was alive but also angry and upset at the hospital’s blunder demanded that they give them an explanation.  Melissa was re-scanned by the hospital and they confirmed that the baby was in fact alive.  Had Melissa gone through with the D&C operation her baby would have been killed but thankfully, baby Michael Junior was born healthy a few months later.

The couple have stated that normally they are very private people but they felt that this incident should be known to the public to prevent it happening again.  Officials from the Health and Safety Department have stated that a review of the hospital is currently taking place.

This couple, and their baby, were lucky that the mother’s instinct was strong enough to compel her to ask for another scan or they may never have known their baby was alive!