Mum with Alzheimers doesn’t know her Baby

Becoming a mother and bonding with your newborn baby is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.  A lot of mothers can struggle with the initial bonding, particularly if they are suffering from post natal depression but a woman from Australia does not even realise that she has become a mother because of an illness that is causing her to forget!

Thirty one year old Rebecca Doig from Sydney gave birth to a little girl who has been called Emily by caesarean section.   Rebecca has Alzheimers which she was diagnosed with in August last year and it was while she was undergoing tests to find the fault behind her memory loss when they discovered that she was pregnant.  Rebecca first began having memory problems in 2008 and it was originally thought that she was suffering from depression.  The disease has taken over Rebecca with such speed that she was not aware that she was pregnant and did not hold her baby for some time following the birth.

What is Alzheimer’s?

Also known as dementia this disease is not curable and is degenerative.  It was named in 1906 after Alois Alzheimer, a German neuropathologist and psychiatrist who first diagnosed the symptoms.  There are a variety of symptoms that come with Alzheimers and each individual will suffer from different complaints but the most common include memory loss, language difficulties, aggression, mood swings and confusion.

Sufferers diagnosed with the disease are usually over sixty five years old and there are over twenty six million people worldwide who have been diagnosed with this terminal illness.  No one knows why or how this disease affects a person and to date, there have been many studies to try and ‘cure’ it.

Rebecca’s husband, Scott stated that he will be taking care of both his wife and his new baby daughter and that he intends to take each day one at a time.  He is grateful that Emily was born healthy and after being tested Emily proved negative for the gene (PSEN1) which may have meant that Emily would have been more inclined to suffer from the same fate as her mother.  Scott is determined not to give up on his wife and will look after them both as best as he can.

What a sad story that this new mother will never feel the love for her child that Mother Nature intended her to feel but how lucky she is to have a man who obviously loves her and their daughter and will care for them both!