Nappy Saves Life of Baby Boy Falling 30 Feet

An 18 month old baby boy was saved by his nappy when he fell out of a window on the third floor of an apartment.

The nappy caught on a security spike which was embedded in the concrete sticking out of the wall and held the baby safe for a few moments before opening up and allowing him to fall to the floor at a much lower speed.

The baby faced certain death during the 30 foot fall with the added miracle of him surviving being impaled on one of the many spikes that were all around the building wall.

Baby Caua Felipe Massaneiro was taken to the Hospital Memorial Sao Jose in Brazil and treated for minor fractures and bruises and reports from the hospital have stated he is now in a stable condition.

An investigation is now taking place to determine if the toddler’s fall out of the window was caused by neglect. 

Caua’s father 23 year old Alexandre Cesar Masseneiro told local newspapers that “his son climbed onto a sofa underneath the window he fell from, ‘something he had never done before’.

He went on to say that “It wasn’t the nappy that saved him, it was God.”

Keeping Your Child Save from Windows

Parents spend hundreds of pounds on baby/toddler proofing the family homes and steps are taking to ensure their child(ren) are kept save and free from harm but like most mothers (and fathers) know babies and children seem to have no fear and will explore all avenues they can when not being watched every second of day.

With designs in windows today they can open from bottom to top, side to side and inwards.  All in their own way can be an open delight for a child to look out of and possibly fall.

One of the best ways to ensure your child is safe from falling out of the family home is by fitting window locks and making sure they are in full use when baby/child is awake and playing.

Place window guards on second story windows or all around if you live in a flat. 

Try not to place any furniture under or near the window that your child could use to climb on.

They may not look attractive and even clash with your decor but when it’s your child’s own safety nothing else really matters that much, does it