New Sibling for 2lb Baby Ellie

Baby Ellie who was born at the tiny weight of just 2lbs 2ozs is going to be a big sister later this year.

Mum Karen from Dale End Road, Harraby and dad Tony had tried for five years to become parents and in the end they decided to give up and just get on with life! 

Ellie was to change their life completely when Karen who was 7 months pregnant started having minor tummy aches, which turned into a long 24 hour labour, after which Ellie came into this world to the delight of her new parents.

Tiny Ellie weighed just 2lbs. 2ozs after a 28 week gestation; she was put on a ventilator before being transferred to Middlesbrough where for five weeks she battled to stay alive, going from strength to strength as parents Karen and Tony stayed by her side throughout willing her to survive.  She finally went back to the Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle for three more weeks after which mum and dad were able to take her home.

New mum Karen did not know for the first hour and half after she was born if baby Ellie was alive or not after she was rushed to the special care unit as she was still under the influence of the gas and air given to her during the arduous 24 hour labour.

Tony asked the medical staff what her chances were and they said it would be 85 per cent if she was transferred to Middlesbrough, “but it was just so frightening” he said.  He added that the James Cook Hospital was an “absolutely fantastic hospital”.

Karen who at 31 was trying to get pregnant had convinced herself that she would never be a mum and she said “We’d been trying for a child for more than five years until we got to the stage where we stopped trying, and accepted it was never going to happen for us.

“It broke my heart. I envied other women when I saw they were pregnant. I blamed myself, and started having panic attacks through the stress of wanting but not being able to have a child.

“It got to the stage where I couldn’t even go into town to meet friends for a coffee. I felt too nervous.

“I was claustrophobic, and would just sit in the house at night watching television. I was very depressed, and felt I had nothing to get up for. But Ellie has totally changed my life.”

When she was told that she was in labour she was terrified and was given steroids to try and stop the labour.  Her ‘bump’ had only just begun to show.

Ellie’s birth was the fulfilment of a desperate and, until then, frustrated desire to become a mother.

“Without her, I think I would have cracked up: I’d have gone back to panic attacks and anxiety. Now I can go to town and meet friends,” she said.

Ellie is such a happy child: always smiling, always laughing. She loves strangers and every day she is learning something new.

“It’s just so amazing and I love her so much. I can’t thank her enough for coming into our lives.”

New Joy to the Family

And now extra joy is being brought into the family home with Karen’s second pregnancy.  A mother who at one stage never thought she would ever hold her own child is to be blessed with a second one.

Karen will be looked after a bit closer during this pregnancy because of what happened with Ellis and she said that “we’re both really excited that I’m pregnant for a second time and just hope that everything goes okay.”

Mum says that in some way she in convinced that Ellie is a gift from her late grandmother Elsie Scott who died at the age of 87 just four months before she became pregnant.  

Babies are a joy to us all and to be blessed with just one is a miracle.