Newborn Abandoned to Strangers in Aurora

Police in Aurora, Colorado have asked the pubic to help them find a woman who handed over a newborn baby to strangers passing by.

Sitting at a bus stop in Aurora early in the morning sat an apparently impoverish mother holding her newborn baby boy wrapped in a white sheet, her clothes bloody and her speech incomprehensible.  A couple from out of town who happened to be driving past saw the woman and stopped to enquire if she needed any assistance or perhaps a lift to a nearby hospital. 

The woman refused help and proceeded to hand over the sheet to the couple where they discovered the baby boy wrapped up inside and as the woman declined a lift they immediately drove the baby to the Children’s Hospital at the Fitzsimons Campus where he was examined in the Emergency Room.  The baby boy was believed to be only a couple of hours old and possibly a few weeks premature.

He is currently receiving the best care available at the Children’s Hospital and is in a stable condition.

Authorities returned to the bus stop a short time afterwards only to find the woman had disappeared.  They are worried about her welfare and are trying to identify her in order to gain a more informative medical history for the baby boy.  She is described as a skinny 5 foot 3 inch black woman in her 40’s who has some teeth missing and scaring or burns on her bottom lip and she was wearing a dark scarf over her head.

The considerate couple have been praised for their good judgement in stopping to enquire as to the well being of the woman and also their thoughtfulness at taking the baby from her and ensuring that he was given immediate medical attention.  Most people would of just carried on driving past and done nothing.

Legal Law for Mothers that Can’t Cope

In Colorado there is a law that was passed in 2000 that enables mothers to hand over their newborn babies to a hospital member or a fire-fighter completely anonymously without being charged.  The legislation was put into place as a safe option for women who are unable to cope with their situation.

In most cases, if a mother gives her baby to a hospital or fire station, then she relinquishes any rights to that child, but this is not concrete and mothers can, and do, change their minds and wish to raise the child themselves.

Even though the baby boy was handed over voluntarily, the mother still faces possible charges of neglect as she did not strictly abide by the ‘safe-haven’ law.

Investigations are still ongoing.