Razor Blade Found in Baby's Shoes

Mums and dads the world over enjoy buying new items of clothing for their newborn babies whether it is new coats, shoes, baby grows or even bedding.  They enjoy the touch and the overall ‘newness’ to the clothes and cant wait to put them on their child.  For one father in Essex, he found more than he bargained for when he purchased a new pair of shoes for his baby son.  While checking the shoes over, he cut his finger on a blade that was stuck inside the shoes!

Steven Varley had bought the shoes from Primark branch at Chatham in Kent for his son Oscar who was just four days old at the time.  On his return home and during the unpacking and inspection of the shoes, Steven tried to pull out the paper tucked up inside one of the shoes.  Initially the paper didn’t budge so Steven was forced to put his finger further into the shoe which resulted in a prick on his finger.  Thinking he had perhaps nicked himself on one of the laces, he continued to pull the paper out only to find a razor lodged inside.

He heard nothing for days

The razor blade measured approximately one inch long and appeared to be a razor from a craft knife.  Mr Varley, horrified with his discovery, contacted the store immediately and was told that he would be contacted by someone very soon but he heard nothing for days and had to contact them further in order to lodge a complaint.

Officials from Primark have confirmed that an investigation into this dreadful episode has been launched and have also apologised to Mr Varley and his family.  The company commented that once all the details have been collated they will be able to investigate further and provide Mr Varley with the outcome of its investigations.

How on earth did a razor blade make its way into something like a baby’s shoe?  It could have been so much worse.  Thank goodness it was the father’s finger going into this shoe first and not the little baby’s foot!