Surrogate Baby for Gay Dads

Two Policemen from Southampton have allegedly become the first gay couple in Britain to use a relative to have a surrogate baby for them.

The traditional meaning for the word family usually means two parents consisting of a mother, a father and a child or children.  Things have changed immensely and in today's society the word family is now a whole different scenario when you consider other factors such as same sex marriage, adoption, surrogacy, step families and single parents.

Forty three year old Ivan Sigston and his partner twenty eight year old Steven Ponder have become the proud parents of a beautiful baby boy, William Campbell Ponder-Sigston.   Steven's sister, thirty one year old Lorna Bradley is the biological mother and when she gave birth at her home in Worthing, West Sussex, both Ivan and Steven were present. 

When the question of surrogacy was initially raised, NCVQ trainer Lorna and her husband thirty four year old Darren, discussed it for months at great length before agreeing and Darren subsequently gave his blessing.  Lorna and Darren already have three children of their own and a friend stated that she did this for her brother and his partner out of love and not financial gain.  Lorna handed over the baby to the proud dads just two days after giving birth.

Ivan is the biological father of William but when they went to register his birth they did not state the father on the birth certificate.  Ivan and Steven, eternally grateful to Lorna, are applying to legally adopt William and until such time, Lorna is the baby's legal guardian.

Already Married

It immerged that Ivan and Steven are actually still legally married to other men.  The foursome met in August 2005 on the Gaydar website when they began chatting about their much loved dogs.  They became firm friends and were even witnesses at each others weddings.

Police dog handler Ivan was an ex Army solider who served with the Royal Tank Regiment in Northern Ireland until 1996.  Ivan is still married to Banker Steve Aylett.  The couple were only married for a period of four months but thirty eight year old Steve has granted a quick divorce to Ivan which is due to be finalised in just a few short weeks.  Steve commented that he plans to put it all behind him and concentrate on his future.

Steven is still legally married to forty nine year old Ian Briggs and their marriage was over after just three short months.  Ian, a cleaner, is refusing to grant a quick divorce as he feels that Ivan and Steven were carrying on a relationship before the weddings took place behind their backs.  He cannot understand why they even went through with the wedding ceremonies if they were already seeing each other.  Ian has been left in debt and suffering from depression.  Ian stated that during their seven years together that Steven never wanted children.  He does admit to wanting Steven back and it does seem that he is delaying the divorce in the hope that Steven may come back to him.


Lorna is classed as a traditional surrogate as she used her own eggs fertilized by Ivan's sperm in order to fall pregnant.

According to Surrogacy UK, what the trio have achieved is not a legal and proper arrangement of surrogacy but they did go on to wish them their best for the future adoption.

With so many families falling apart, children being abandoned and taken into the care system and of course those awful stories we hear of children being abused and sometimes killed, this is a heart-warming story showing the love of a sibling and hopefully a long and happy family life.