Ten Thousandth Baby Born in Bradford

Every baby born is a momentous occasion but when that baby is a ‘milestone’ for a certain hospital, doctor or even project then that baby’s name is noted.  For a baby in Bradford, her name has been recorded as the ten thousandth baby to be born in Bradford!

Baby Ambar Sodi was born on the third of February 2010 at the Bradford Royal Infirmary weighing almost seven pounds.  Her parents, Bahadur Singh and Lisa Patel were over the moon at her coming and are proud that their daughter set the ten thousandth milestone for the Born in Bradford project.  Lisa is pleased that her interest could potentially help other families and even her future children or grandchildren.

Ian Beesley, an artist for the campaign was there at the hospital straight after the birth to photograph Ambar.

Born in Bradford (BIB) Campaign

This is a research project within Bradford which has been running since March 2007.   Its aim is to improve the younger population’s health within the city in conjunction with the children and the parents.  Mothers from all over Bradford have been encouraged to sign their children up to the project where their children will be monitored throughout their lives, from birth as far they can into adulthood.

The Director of Research, Professor John Wright is the person behind the project and he feels that the research they are studying is of vital importance when looking at children’s health and lifestyles.  He went on to say that following a large number of children is beneficial as they can make note of all the differences and outcomes relating to these children and their illnesses, especially as Bradford has a high rate of disabilities, deaths and other conditions.

Throughout the childrens’ childhood and adolescence the researchers will be able to gain further information into conditions such as cot deaths, allergies and even childhood obesity.  Any research they collect will be stored for at least the next twenty years and the hope is that it will benefit many future generations.

Dr Pauline Raynor, a programme manager within the project said that the response from Bradford residents has been so great that the project has now decided to ‘up’ its target to almost fourteen thousand recruits.  She hopes that interest in the campaign will continue throughout the community for many years to come.

All the children that are signed up to the Born in Bradford project receive a bib with the campaigns logo on it.