Thirteen Kids in Care but Fourteenth Baby on the Way

A woman from Luton in Bedfordshire has had all thirteen of her children taken away from her and yet she and her new partner are determined to continue having children until they are allowed to keep one of their kids!

Thirty six year old Theresa Winters and her partner Toney Housden, also thirty six, have stated that they will continue with their aim to become a family and Theresa is currently pregnant with her fourteenth child. 

Despite being pregnant, Theresa and Toney continue to smoke and they are both unemployed and claiming over a thousand pounds a month in benefits.  They are proud to declare that every time the social workers take away one of their children they have promised to just have another one.  The children have been taken away as social workers have concerns about their abilities to parent as well as the possibility of neglect and aggressive behaviour.  The couple admit to being slightly aggressive in the past but they feel that they are now able to raise a child.

Theresa began having children at just nineteen years old and since then has been pregnant every single year apart from 2004.   All but one of her children has been adopted and some of them have disabilities.

Children have been taken away before they were two

Theresa’s first husband was the father of her first two children who are now aged seventeen and fifteen.  Their next child, a boy, died in 2003 and her ex-husband died of cancer after the couple divorced.  Theresa then went on to have a further eleven children with Toney, one of which died when he was just eighteen months old from a rare brain condition.  Their last child was born last year in March.  Most of the children have been taken away before they were two years old with some of them being taken not long after their birth. 

The couple still have their children’s birth certificates along with a few photographs of some of them and they are hopeful that at some stage, their children will want to find them.  At one point they were able to have supervised visits with some of their children but now they do not have any contact with them.  Officials are aware of their case and have questioned why the pair continuing to have children when they are well aware that they will be taken away from them.  Local MP’s have also stated that the pair have had assessments in the past to establish if they would make decent parents but that the risk to these children has not been reduced.

Theresa has stated that if need be she and Toney will leave the country so that they can be a family.  Her sister, thirty seven year old Louise Walls, is embarrassed about her sister’s actions and has even suggested that she be forced to be sterilised.  Louise is a mother of three children but said that her sister is doing this out of spite, not for the children’s sake.

Even family friends, neighbours and professionals the couple have contact with have slated the couple saying that they are lazy and do not do anything other than lounge around all day and that they have been overly aggressive with their children.  Toney is Theresa’s carer as she was injured some time ago and is unable to work however the fact that she can walk around while heavily pregnant raises questions about her disability.

This couple feels that they would be good parents and want to be given a chance to prove themselves.  Everyone will have a different opinion on this I am sure and while I know it is not possible to take away a woman’s right to have children when she wants I do feel that this woman is being rather selfish in her actions!