Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Seeking Fertility Consultation

It is rumoured that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are strugglingto conceive a sibling for their 20 month-old daugher Suri and will be seeking a consultation with a fertility expert to help them have another baby.

The couple have plans to visit LA’s Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre within the next few weeks for medical advice on fertitlity treatment.

It has been quoted by a source in the ‘Now’ maganize that "Katie is so upset” and that they both really want another child but it just doesn't seem to be happening.  After trying since last summer they have now decided to go and see a specialist.

The ‘source’ went on to say that “the one thing Kaite wants more than anything is a son for Tom”. Cruise who is father to Connor 12 and 14 year old Isabella with ex-wife Nicole Kidman has reportedly said he wants another son to add to his family.

With the rumour of a pregnancy for Katie last summer she was also heard to say that ‘she was in no particular rush’ to have another child.

Other Stars with Fertility Results

If they are successful they will be joining a long line of celebrities that have been blessed after seeking IVF treatment.  The last being Desperate Housewives star Marcia Cross who gave birth to twin daughters Eden and Davannah after undergoing fertility treatment.

Courtney Cox-Arquette star of ‘Friends’ suffered several miscarriages due to immunity problems but is today the proud mother of a baby daughter.  Courtney told magazine Good Housekeeping that “In Vitro is a wonderful thing that people can do in this day and age and I’m lucky enough to be able to afford it”.

Christie Brinkley also sought IVF treatment and sadly suffered three miscarriages before giving birth at the age of 44 to her third child, daughter Sailor Lee.

Fertility in the Media

Infertility is being portrayed in the medial more frequent these days and it seems if it’s in the news and about celebrities we are more sympathetic. 

This is certainly a way of getting across to those that are unaware of the pain that childlessness can cause and being more compassionate and understanding towards those couples undergoing fertility treatment.

While IVF has worked for many celebrities, it is by no means a guarantee as Tom Arnold and his wife Shelby found out after trying since 2002 with having ICSI treatments 5 times with no success.

Jamie Lee Curtis and husband Christopher Guest finally adopted their children after infertility prevented them from conceiving. Jamie has now written a book on adopted children.

The Lottery Post Code in the UK

Sadly we in the UK still live in what is known as the ‘Lottery Post Code’ for help in paying for or towards fertility treatment for couples who are desperate to have their own child.

Professor Debora Spar, of Harvard Business School, said IVF treatments were currently uncapped and unregulated.

She said: "Rich infertile people will be able to reproduce at will and poor, infertile people will be left childless and with far fewer options.

"From a commercial perspective it's great because we have consumers that will do anything to get the product."

Professor Spar said the current UK market in fertility treatments was worth £500 million a year.

She believes (and is working towards) that in Britain infertile couples should receive one cycle of IVF on the NHS if the woman in under 40. However, many cash-strapped health authorities are refusing to pay for the treatment.

The World’s First Test Tube Baby

We have come a long way since the very first ‘test tube’ baby hit our headlines on July 25 in 1978 when Louise Joy Brown was born to parents Lesley and John Brown. 

A young couple from Bristol who had been unable to conceive for nine years due to Lesley’s Fallopian tubes being blocked.  Her pregnancy gave hope to hundreds of thousands of couples not able to conceive.

Technology was heralded as ‘triumph in medicine and science’ and today Louise is the proud mother of her own son who was conceived naturally.