Traffic Held up while Baby is Born

While rushing his pregnant daughter to the hospital, Brian held up traffic as his eighth grandchild entered the world.

Mum Lee Duffy had asked her dad to drive her to the Princess Royal Maternity Unit in Glasgow when she felt the first twinges of labour.  Only minutes later her waters broke in the car and she knew she was not going to make it.

Lee said “I got to the Briggs Bar and my waters broke.  I said to my dad I’m not going to make it to The Royal, take me to Stobhill”.

While stopping at the traffic lights she told her dad that she had to push.  “I pulled down my trousers and her head came out.   Dad’s a construction worker to his car’s not the cleanest of vehicles” she said.

After giving birth, they carried on the journey to the hospital with Millie still attached to her umbilical cord and placed on her mum’s chest in the front seat.

Nurses took over and examined mum and baby who were both found to be healthy and well after the ‘speedy’ delivery.   They were then transferred to the Princess Royal on Alexandra Parade in the far better mode of an ambulance.

Dad James Barron was at work while his third child was born but told reporters that he ‘was over the moon’ everything had worked out great.

Many suggestions of names for the new baby were not short in coming through, with such names as ‘Amber, Dashboard Dan and Colston.

Giving birth quickly is not new for Lee.  With her last child Eddie, 18 months ago it was touch and go where birth would take place.  Her father Lee once again drove her to the hospital and dropped her off outside the hospital at 10.20am and while he was parking the car, Lee gave birth at 10.38am.

Baby Born in a Pub Car Park

Sudden labour and quick births have led to many babies being born in public places.  One other quick birth was by torchlight in the car park of a pub.

Mum to be Kate Nias and her partner Matt Green were on their way to the Salisbury Hospital from their home in Gillingham in Dorset when baby Archie decided he was ready to be born.

Matt pulled up in the car park of the King John pub in Tollard and called an ambulance.

Lesley Graham who is an ex-midwife was called on to help with the labour and delivered the 8lb 7oz bouncing baby boy while Matt held the torchlight.

Baby Archie’s arrival has given food for thought to Mrs Graham who is now considering a return to midwifery after saying it must be a ‘sign’

The proud parents have given Archie the middle name of John in recognition of the pub’s name and the car park where he was born.

So Near to the Maternity Unit but Not Enough Time

Baby Nicolo almost made it to the hospital maternity wards at Leeds but decided he couldn’t wait any longer and was delivered by his dad Roberto in the front seat of their family car.

Parked in the actual drop-off zone outside the hospital’s doors, dad Roberto had to stop when his wife Katharine shouted ‘It’s coming out now”.

With the baby’s head in sight, Robert phoned the delivery suite asking them to send somebody down to help but when the midwives arrived, the 6lbs 9oz baby had already been born and was wrapped in dad’s jumper to keep warm.

New mum Katharine had called the maternity wing earlier that day saying she was not feeling very well and said she had back pains.  She was told to take paracetomol and rest, but by mid afternoon Katharine was having contractions that were 20 minutes apart. 

She waited until they were every five minutes as was standard procedure but at 5pm the contractions were coming thick and fast and they set off for the hospital only to be delayed in traffic.

Thankfully baby and mother were both fine and were given a clean bill of health when they were discharged from hospital 24 hours later.