Woman is Pregnant - Twice!

Most women have concerns over fertility issues, whether it be that they are unable to get pregnant or that they don’t want to fall pregnant but for one woman from Arkansas in the USA, not only did she fall pregnant but she became pregnant twice, at the same time!

Julia Grovenburg and her husband Todd were informed that they were having two babies but that they were not twins.   In fact, during a scan, it was revealed that one of the babies, the male child and the smaller of the two, was conceived a couple of weeks after the female baby.

KFSM-TV, a television station in Arkansas received confirmation of the couple’s situation by their obstetrician, Doctor Michael Muylaert.  Due to the dates of conception, the babies have been given different due dates, the female is believed to be due in December 2009 while the male child has a due date of January 2010.

There are of course possible complications that can occur during superfetation, particularly regarding the younger baby but in Julia’s case, doctors are hoping that as conception only happened two weeks apart that this should not present too many complications or risks.  The couple plan to name the boy Hudson and the girl Jillian.

Julia’s pregnancy is, believe it or not, actually possible and is called superfetation.  This basically means that a woman is able to get pregnant again following a second menstrual cycle when ovulation has occurred twice and each egg was subsequently fertilised and implanted into the womb.  Dr Nancy Snyderman from NBC stated that while it is a strange occurrence, it does happen.  If it occurs during the same menstrual cycle is it called superfecundation.

Other Cases

In 1992, Michelle Barth gave birth to Evan and Taylor who were conceived a month apart.  She and her husband John were from Hawaii.

In the UK, George Herrity and his partner Amelia Spence had baby girls Ame and Lia who were born in 2007 after being conceived three weeks apart.

Another set of babies also conceived within three weeks were born in May 2007 to Matt and Charlotte Mullineux from Benfleet in Essex.

It is rumoured by those that have studied the Bible that Adam and Eve’s children, Cain and Abel were born from superfetation but one of the strangest cases of this kind was regarding a woman from Stockholm who, after falling pregnant by her husband slept with her lover on the same day and the result when she gave birth was one black child and one white child.  The same thing happened to a prostitute from Marseilles in France, Yvette Landru when she gave birth to three children, one of Chinese origin, one while and one black.

The possibility that this can happen has been disputed by a director from a London fertility clinic, Professor Ian Craft.  The Professor has stated that it is not possible for a woman to fall pregnant again once she is pregnant already as the ovulation switch within a woman’s body is technically turned off.  He goes on to say that not once in his whole career has he come across such a case but is aware that in nature it can sometimes happen within animals.

This is such a weird case and a lot of people would consider it to be unlucky but some of us might regard it as a blessing!