Women Changing their Minds After Fertility Treatment

When couples begin starting for a family, around twenty percent of them will have difficulty in becoming pregnant and if this goes on for around a year, they will usually have to undergo some form of fertility treatment.  Figures were released recently which stated that around eighty women who have had fertility treatment then go on to abort their babies!

These women, some of whom are having their treatment for free on the NHS are then deciding that they in fact do not want to be a mother and have their pregnancy terminated.  After going through the sometimes painful process of treatment, costing the medical profession and the taxpayers’ money, these women have second thoughts!

The report stated that these babies were not being aborted due to medical reasons but because in some cases the couples had parted company or because the women had felt pressured into becoming pregnant and one woman had, without her husband’s knowledge, reportedly aborted twins when she found out that her husband had been unfaithful.  It also stated that some women went down this route just to prove that they were able to fall pregnant in the first place but did not in fact want a child.

Surely if someone is taking the fertility treatment avenue they should have considered all aspects of being a parent beforehand?  When a couple plan to adopt a child they have to undergo ‘training’ or a form of ‘parenting’ classes and a full assessment which not only lets the officials know about the family but also gives the potential parents time to work out exactly how they feel about becoming parents and whether it is something they will be committed to. 

Becoming a Family

Trying to conceive is not always an easy thing.  Many women struggle month after month to fall pregnant and there are many factors as to why it is not happening.  Some factors include:

  • Being overweight.
  • Damaged tubes.
  • Low production of eggs.
  • Low Sperm count.

When couples are being assessed for problems their lifestyle will be looked at closely and they may be asked to stop drinking or smoking, change how they eat and in some cases lose some weight in order to help them fall pregnant.  For some, surgery might have to take place if there are any blockages or problems with the fallopian tubes etc.

There are many options available to couples trying to become a family.  Options include:

  • Adoption.
  • Donors (egg or sperm).
  • Fertility treatment such as IVF, ICSI, Clomid or IUI.
  • Surrogacy.

Unexplained infertility is also a factor for couples not falling pregnant and this can be very difficult to try and combat, how can you fix something when you don’t know what is wrong?

These women did not become pregnant by accident, they went into it with their eyes wide open and while I believe it is foolish for a woman to have a child that is not wanted, I do feel that it is selfish of a woman to take the place of someone who could have really benefitted from this treatment in the first place.  Whatever route a couple have to take, it must be one that they are fully committed to follow through.  If they are lucky enough to be successful they should consider themselves fortunate to have succeeded where so many others have failed!