Desperate Mother Warns People Not to Buy Alcohol for her Daughter

When Isobel Higgins became desperate about the amount of alcohol her teenage daughter was drinking she decided to take matters into her own hands and plastered home-made posters in all the off-licences in her home city of Carlisle.

The posters that have her daughters’ picture on with the words ‘Do not serve or buy alcohol for this girl.  She is 16 and it is against the law’ were a last desperate plea to those adults that still continued to buy alcohol for the underage 16 year old girl, even though it is illegal to do so.

Isobel’s daughter Jody began drinking just over a year ago after hanging out at night with friends and her addiction spiralled out of control causing a complete change in her personality and behaviour.

After a night’s drinking Jody would regularly roll home drunk in the early hours of the morning and even when social services were contacted the 16 year old still believed she was doing on wrong.

Isobel and her partner tried everything to keep Jody from drinking and said “She will drink vodka, cider, shots, whatever she can get her hands on and she doesn’t see she’s doing anything wrong. I think it’s an addiction.”

“I’ve tried everything in the book, but you just can’t control a 16-year-old, not even with the help of the authorities.

“I don’t know where she is during the day. I can’t lock her up.”

Isobel does not believe that Jody was being served by those working in the off-licences but was getting her alcohol from adults buying it for her, hence the reason for the posters.

Jody Having Support for Education

Thankfully Jody has now started counselling with the drug and alcohol support service Straightline and even getting extra support to catch up on her education.

After being given a 12 month suspended sentence for breaking windows at her home, Jody is now working with the youth offending team and trying to change her ways.

When a young child takes to drinking it is not just their health and education that suffer.  Families all over the UK are trying to cope with their child’s excessive drinking which is ruining their lives and those around them.