Teenager Excluded From Her Prom

It’s the evening a lot of teenagers have been waiting for, it symbolised the end of a school year and a chance for young people to dress in ball gowns and dinner jackets.  It is a social event that may never be repeated; until twenty years later perhaps at a school reunion. 

With just four days to go, fifteen year old Chenille Wood who lives in Chapeltown was informed that she was banned from attending her school Prom at Ecclesfield School in Sheffield.

Chenille's mother Francesca had already bought her a dress which cost £300 and she had also hired a limo for the evening at a cost of £150.

Missing Out On Photographs

Chenille was trying to pay for her ticket when she was told that she had been excluded due to her bad attitude.  The teenager must now face the night at home while her friends enjoy themselves, and she will miss out on having photographs and memories to look back on.

According to Mick Nolan, Headteacher at the school, the Prom is not a right where pupils should expect to attend regardless of their behaviour; it is a privilege and one that Chenille had forfeited when she had apparently sworn at a teacher.  Other reasons for exclusion may also include a poor attendance or late coursework on a regular basis. 

As well as Chenille, one other pupil has been banned from attending and the Headteacher states that there were also a lot of other students who knew that they would not be allowed to attend due to their behaviour so they didn’t even try to purchase a ticket.

Mr Nolan revealed that Chenille's attitude during the whole year towards school staff was very poor and in fact she was on the edge of being excluded and this incident tipped her over the line.

Francesca has stated that to exclude her daughter just four days before the event was unreasonable. She believes that while Chenille is not a model student she does not deserve such cruel treatment, particularly as she feels other students have done far worse on occasion.  Francesca stated that her daughter is inconsolable and has not stopped crying since hearing the punishment.

Chenille's mother goes on to say that her daughter denies swearing at a teacher and she claims to have witnesses that can vouch for this.

The event will be the fifth Prom for Ecclesfield School and is taking place in Chapeltown at Newton Hall with two hundred and fifty pupils due to attend.