Toddler thrown off bus for being naughty

A woman from Plymouth in Devon, while travelling with her young son was kicked off the bus due to the behaviour of her child!

Most of us who travel via public transport have been subjected to the screaming child at the front of the bus or the boisterous child who is running up and down or jumping on the seats next to you.  It is quite obvious to see the feelings of the other travellers on the bus as they roll their eyes in frustration but along with that noisy child usually comes an anxious mother who, probably unsure what to do in that situation, is sitting doing nothing.  It may be from embarrassment that she does not intervene or it may just be that she knows, by trying to prevent her child from making so much noise that she could exacerbate the situation further!

Thirty five year old Sharon Tracey and her son Brandon who is two years old were passengers on the Number Sixty Two bus going home to Crownhill when Sharon, a hairdresser, was asked by the driver to keep the noise down or she would be asked to leave.  Sharon, who is four months pregnant, had Brandon in his buggy and was doing her best to keep him quiet but having spent most of the day in town the youngster was irritable and wanted out of the pushchair.

Sharon had a thirty minute walk ahead

About a mile from where Sharon and Brandon were due to get off the bus, the driver pulled over and asked her to get off telling the embarrassed mother that she had been given a warning already but now she must leave.  Sharon had a thirty minute walk ahead of her to reach her home and she was so upset that she called her husband, thirty eight year old Paul who could not believe his ears. 

Plymouth CityBus, the transport company has stated that they will check their CCTV evidence and that a full investigation will take place.

CityBus said that after its investigation it was confident the driver did not ask her to leave the bus. Mr Wickham said: "The lady chose to leave. The bus driver did not tell her to leave the bus."

All mothers reading this will sympathize with this mother as we all know that when a child decides to be noisy as a result of being fed up, it is very hard to pacify them.  This bus driver needs to be more realistic in his views of young children on buses and perhaps a little more empathy is needed in situations like these.  It is not just the other passengers who are affected by this type of situation but the mothers too!