Two Year Old British Girl Joins Mensa

We all believe our children to be special and gifted, but a two year old child with an IQ of 156 is very special indeed, particularly when that child is invited to become a member of the much acclaimed Mensa group. 

Elise Tan-Roberts is from Edmonton in North London and her heritage includes Malaysian, English, Chinese, Nigerian and Sierra Leone.  She has been described as a “sweet little girl” who has lovely parents wanting only the best for her.

Elise is just two years and four months old and already she is able to count to ten in Spanish, name thirty five capital cities and recite the phonetic alphabet.  Elise, whose IQ test rates her intelligence level above Carol Vorderman has become the youngest member of the society.  Elise also knows the normal alphabet, can read the words ‘daddy’ and ‘mummy’ and can tell you what the three different types of triangles are called.

Two percent of the population who have a high IQ are accepted into Mensa and as a rule, the group usually only tests a child if they are over ten years old.  Elise was allowed into the group due to her result of an Intelligence Scale test taken with Professor Joan Freeman who is a child psychologist.  The Stanford-Binet based test showed that Elise was in the top 0.2 percent of her age range in the whole country.  Professor Freeman was very impressed with Elise’s skills and excellent memory.

First Word at Just Five Months

Louise Tan-Roberts is Elise’s mother.  She is twenty eight years old and currently works for Pickford’s removals as a part time accounts manager.  Louise knew her daughter was not the same as other babies from the moment she was born.  She claims that Elise began walking at just over eight months old and said her first word at just five months; she also stated that Elise was much more aware of things around her and has no idea where Elise has heard some of the things she says.

Elise’s father Edward is thirty four years old and is a motor consultant/car buyer.  He is proud of his daughter and is hopeful that she will continue to increase her knowledge but also insists that his main concern is that she is happy.

The Chief Executive of Mensa, Mr John Stevenage commented that Elise will be an “interesting challenge” for her parents as she gets older and he is interested in seeing how Elise will develop.

When hearing about Elise, Carol Vorderman, also a member of the society forecasts a thrilling future for the little girl and hopes that she will continue to be encouraged.

The Future

The little girl loves to dance and listen to music and her parents will try to encourage this as much as they can.  Elise is already on a waiting list at the former Anna Scher School, the Young Actors’ Theatre.  The school has specialities in ballet, dance and music.

Louise and Edward did contact schools within the local area to see about possible early enrolment but none of the schools were interested until Elise was at least two years older.

Mensa Society

The Mensa society is one of the oldest and most prominent societies in the world.  Within the society there are only nine hundred members who are under eighteen years old with a total membership of approximately twenty four thousand.  The average IQ is approximately 100 and to be accepted into Mensa a person must have an IQ of 148 and above.

Before Elise, the youngest child of the group was Ben Woods who was only two years and ten months old when he was accepted.

As well as Carol Vorderman, there are many other famous members of the group including TV Presenter and DJ Sir Jimmy Savile, writer Jean Auel, actress Geena Davis, boxer Nicky Piper and even Julie Peterson who was Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in February 1987.