Parenting Chaos Team

Zoe, Chief Editor

Zoe is a Mum of 4, Lauren born 1998, Joshua born 1999, Olivia born 2006 and Charlie born in 2007. Having been through lots of ups and downs since the first time she fell pregnant she is a great candidate to produce all the articles you read here. The vast majority is written from personal experience, whether with her own children or those of close friends and family.

Katherine, Sub-Editor and Administrator

Katherine is Mum of Alice, born April 2007. Being a first time Mum Katherine learns a lot from what Zoe writes and as the pregnancy proceeded and Alice was born she was more able to contribute having had first hand experience. Katherine also handles the directory listings and the promotional side of things.

David, the techy one

Married to Katherine and Father to Alice David is mostly responsible for maintain the technical side of the site, and being the only man on team sometimes likes to throw a view from the 'other side'.

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