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14-MAR-2011  |  Mother Sells Breast Milk Online
After twenty six year old Toni Ebdon had given birth to her baby boy David, her breast milk came in such abundance that she began to suffer with sore breasts and she had so much excess milk that she decided to pump it and use the internet to sell it. [cont..]

28-FEB-2011  |  Mother wrongly informed Baby was Dead after Scan
A woman from Donabate in Ireland, whilst attending her antenatal scan in July last year, was told that the baby had died but had in fact been given the wrong information! [cont..]

16-FEB-2011  |  Baby Born After Police Pulls Over Car
A woman from Chester in America experienced a classical impromptu delivery when her baby boy was born in a car on the way to the hospital! [cont..]

02-FEB-2011  |  Women Changing their Minds After Fertility Treatment
Figures were released recently which stated that around eighty women who have had fertility treatment then go on to abort their babies! [cont..]

12-SEP-2010  |  Two Year Old Smoker
Surely it is any parent’s responsibility to protect and care for their child, so what on earth would possess a sane and responsible person to give their eighteen month old baby a cigarette to try?  [cont..]

05-SEP-2010  |  Toddler Loses Sight after Falling in Dog Mess
A lot of parents who take their child(ren) into the park to play are cautious of the large dogs that may be running around as there have been some horrific stories about dogs attacking children at play. [cont..]

27-AUG-2010  |  Born Premature But Now Bigger Than His Peers
A baby born at just twenty three weeks into pregnancy weighing less than two pounds amazed doctors by his survival and now that same child, two years later, is bigger than a lot of children his own age! [cont..]

27-JUL-2010  |  Facebook Changing Adoption
Most of you know someone who is either adopted or who has adopted a child. It can be quite a daunting experience for everyone involved from the couple who are being assessed to adopt a child, the birth parents whose child is being taken away and of course the young child, whether they are babies or toddlers, who are being moved to their ‘forever family’ [cont..]

13-JUL-2010  |  Toddler thrown off bus for being naughty
A woman from Plymouth in Devon, while travelling with her young son was kicked off the bus due to the behaviour of her child! [cont..]

03-JUL-2010  |  Mum with Alzheimers doesn’t know her Baby
Becoming a mother and bonding with your newborn baby is one of the most wonderful feelings in the world.  A lot of mothers can struggle with the initial bonding, particularly if they are suffering from post natal depression but a woman from Australia does not even realise that she has become a mother because of an illness that is causing her to forget! [cont..]

26-JUN-2010  |  Mother Jailed for Soaking Dummy in Methadone
To the average person, being a parent means loving and caring for their child and of great importance when caring for such a small person is that they protect them from harm. [cont..]

18-JUN-2010  |  Fourteenth Baby goes into Care
In October last year we wrote about a woman from Luton who, after already having thirteen children, was pregnant with her fourteenth and at the time she stated that she would continue to have children one by one until she and her partner were allowed to keep one of them! [cont..]

12-JUN-2010  |  Four Children in One Year
While making plans for a family, a couple will most likely discuss how many children they would like to have together and also whether they have a preferred age gap between their children. A couple from Lytham, St Annes in Lancashire amazingly had four children in just one year!  [cont..]

04-JUN-2010  |  Conceived Together but not Born Together
In an effort to become a family, so many couples all over the world experience infertility and choose to have some form of fertility treatment which could range from medication to help boost fertility to In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF).   [cont..]

26-MAY-2010  |  Success after Eighteen Miscarriages
A woman from Brighton has had her wish come true after being on an emotional rollercoaster for over a decade and having suffered eighteen miscarriages, she finally had the child she longed for!  [cont..]

20-MAY-2010  |  Ten Thousandth Baby Born in Bradford
Every baby born is a momentous occasion but when that baby is a ‘milestone’ for a certain hospital, doctor or even project then that baby’s name is noted. For a baby in Bradford, her name has been recorded as the ten thousandth baby to be born in Bradford!  [cont..]

14-MAY-2010  |  Man Charged after giving Child a Tattoo
A man from Canton in Ohio could face a jail term sentence of up to five years in prison when he recklessly tattooed a one year old child on her bottom!  [cont..]

08-MAY-2010  |  Baby Born in Hospital Foyer
Being pregnant can sometimes feel like you’ve been waiting forever and as it gets closer to your due date a mother-to-be, whether it is your first or fifth child anxiously awaits the birth of their child and is keen for it to happen quickly and smoothly.  [cont..]

02-MAY-2010  |  Dad Delivers Baby
While the event of childbirth can be a wonderful and momentous experience for some, not all fathers-to-be want to even be in the delivery room with their partner, never mind deliver the baby all by themselves!  [cont..]

26-APR-2010  |  Razor Blade Found in Baby's Shoes
Mums and dads the world over enjoy buying new items of clothing for their newborn babies whether it is new coats, shoes, baby grows or even bedding. They enjoy the touch and the overall ‘newness’ to the clothes and cant wait to put them on their child.  [cont..]

20-APR-2010  |  Scottish Maternity Hospital Closes
A large hospital in Scotland has shut down after being open for almost fifty years and the first baby to be born at the maternity unit was there where he got a chance to meet the last baby to be born at the unit! [cont..]

14-APR-2010  |  Baby's Umbilical Cord Frozen
A couple from Northwich in Cheshire, believed to be the first in the UK, have decided to take out their own insurance policy on the welfare and health of their family by having their baby's umbilical cord frozen. [cont..]

04-APR-2010  |  Baby Boy Handed Back after IVF Mix Up
Any couple who undergoes any form of fertility treatment understands the heartache when things don’t work and the stress of the financial cost as well as the strain it can put on your relationship. [cont..]

28-FEB-2010  |  Surrogate Baby for Gay Dads
Two Policemen from Southampton have allegedly become the first gay couple in Britain to use a relative to have a surrogate baby for them.  [cont..]

20-FEB-2010  |  Miracle IVF Baby
So many women around the world fail to fall pregnant at the time that they hope to conceive and for some, their only option is the IVF route.  [cont..]

12-JAN-2010  |  Woman is Pregnant - Twice!
Most women have concerns over fertility issues, whether it be that they are unable to get pregnant or that they don’t want to fall pregnant but for one woman from Arkansas in the USA, not only did she fall pregnant but she became pregnant twice, at the same time! [cont..]

12-DEC-2009  |  Nineteen Pound Baby!
When most of us hear the news about the arrival of a new baby being born we automatically expect to hear the weight of the baby at birth and nowadays, most babies are born somewhere between five and nine pounds.  What we do not expect to hear is that the tiny little bundle of joy weighed an astounding nineteen pounds! [cont..]

12-NOV-2009  |  Dad with Seven Kids Wants an Eighth
Having a child in today’s society seems to be no longer about family values or wanting to raise a child together because you love someone enough to have their baby. [cont..]

31-OCT-2009  |  Thirteen Kids in Care but Fourteenth Baby on the Way
A woman from Luton in Bedfordshire has had all thirteen of her children taken away from her and yet she and her new partner are determined to continue having children until they are allowed to keep one of their kids! [cont..]

14-OCT-2009  |  Deceased Baby’s Identity Stolen
A professional man, someone in a position of trust stole the identity of a child who died over fifty years ago in order to make false benefit claims. [cont..] .

29-SEP-2009  |  Baby Advertised for Adoption
Every mother enjoys looking at and often showing off photographs of her offspring but for one mother in Abington in Massachusetts in the USA, she was shocked to find a photograph of her baby boy on a Craigslist (classified) in London being advertised as available for adoption. [cont..]

10-SEP-2009  |  Drunken Mother Driving with Baby
In Alice Springs in Australia, a nineteen year old teenage mother almost crashed her car into a police car because she was drink driving, but even more amazingly, she was actually breastfeeding her small baby at the time.. [cont..]

14-AUG-2009  |  Toddler Raised By Dogs and Cats
In May 2009 after being contacted by a concerned neighbour, a five year old girl from Chita, an east Siberian City in Russia was found by child protection authorities to be living in a home with cats and dogs. [cont..]

10-AUG-2009  |  Different Dads for Twin Boys
This phenomenon has happened in the past when technology has gone wrong and during an IVF treatment two embryos with different DNA have been inserted back into the womb but for it to happen naturally for two twin boys to have different fathers is just amazing.  [cont..]

27-JUL-2009  |  Teenager Excluded From Her Prom
It’s the evening a lot of teenagers have been waiting for, it symbolised the end of a school year and a chance for young people to dress in ball gowns and dinner jackets.  It is a social event that may never be repeated; until twenty years later perhaps at a school reunion.    [cont..]

23-JUL-2009  |  Two Year Old British Girl Joins Mensa
We all believe our children to be special and gifted, but a two year old child with an IQ of 156 is very special indeed, particularly when that child is invited to become a member of the much acclaimed Mensa group.  [cont..]

19-JUL-2009  |  First Time Mum Aged 57 Has No Regrets
There have been many reports over the last few years about women being 'Britain's Oldest Mum' and Susan Tollefsen falls into that category as one of, if not the oldest mum in Britain to give birth to her first child Freya at the age of fifty seven years old.  [cont..]

08-JUL-2009 | Miracle Baby Survives after Mum is Shot
A woman who is seven months pregnant and her husband were subjected to a brutal robbery at their home where their unborn child was placed in grave danger when the robbers shot at the pregnant woman.  [cont..]

04-JUL-2009 | Surrogate Sister Ends Heartache
After ten years of unsuccessful fertility treatments, Jo Coomb and her husband Paul from Surrey have at last become parents to a baby boy called Charlie, and it is all thanks to their sister in law Caroline Jones.  [cont..]

29-JUN-2009 | Mother Charged With Abandoning Baby
A young woman, Rosa Freeman, was arrested by Milwaukee Police and was charged with abandoning her baby in a bag where she was consequently found by a neighbour.  The baby girl was believed to be only a day old.  [cont..]

19-MAY-2009 | The IVF Future – Single Embryo
Is the transferring of a single embryo the way forward for many couples? [cont..]

15-MAY-2009 | Newborn Abandoned to Strangers in Aurora
Police in Aurora, Colorado have asked the pubic to help them find a woman who handed over a newborn baby to strangers passing by. [cont..]

11-MAY-2009 | Russian Baby Mix Up
Imagine how it would feel to be told your two year old son was not biologically yours?  Worse still...that you would have to give him back to his biological mother in exchange for a baby that you have never met? [cont..]

04-MAY-2009 | Toddler Saves Man From Burning Bungalow
A two year old boy alerted his hard of hearing granddad to a smoke alarm going off in a bungalow they were walking past which led to an 80 year old man being saved from almost certain death. [cont..]

28-APR-2009 | Operation on Baby Boy to Remove Extra Penis
Baby Artyom G has been successfully operated on after being born with two penises. British doctors’ at the St Vladimir’s Children Clinical Hospital were stunned when the baby boy was born with the rare condition known as Fetus in Fetu (FIF). [cont...]

24-APR-2009 | Desperate Mother Warns People Not to Buy Alcohol for her Daughter
When Isobel Higgins became desperate about the amount of alcohol her teenage daughter was drinking she decided to take matters into her own hands and plastered home-made posters in all the off-licences in her home city of Carlisle. [cont...]

13-MAR-2009 | NSPCC survey shows children fearing domestic violence at Xmas
More than 115,000 children aged 11 to 16 years fear domestic violence will break out in their families this Christmas, reveals a new NSPCC survey. [cont...]

08-MAR-2009 | Baby Boy Still inside Stolen Car
Emma Williams spent the worse half hour of her life when her four-month old baby son was still strapped inside her stolen car. [cont...]

03-MAR-2009 | One Day Old Baby Girl Abandoned in London
A group of children found a tiny baby inside a Tesco plastic carrier bag while on their way to school inside a block of flats London. [cont...]

25-FEB-2009 | Baby Born in Ambulance after Serious Complications during Labour
Sarah Croxton will be forever grateful to the ambulance crew who delivered her son in the back of their ambulance after a number of complications arose during her labour. [cont...]

17-FEB-2009 | Baby Born on Trans-Atlantic Flight
Trans-Atlantic Flight 59 landed with an added surprise passenger on New Year’s Eve when a woman went into labour 90 minutes before the plane was due to land at Boston airport in Massachusetts. [cont...]

09-FEB-2009 | Children’s Homes Found to be Inadequate after Inspection
FOUR of Birmingham’s 23 children’s homes have been judged as inadequate following a series of “strict” official inspections.Birmingham City bosses are insisting that reports of four of the city’s children’s home judged inadequate does not mean children are in any danger. [cont...]

21-JAN-2009 | Five Month Foetus Removed with a Razor Blade and no Anaesthetic
A 14 year old girl is in a critical condition after her mother and brother allegedly cut open her womb with a razor blade and removed the foetus without the use of anaesthetic. [cont...]

11-JAN-2009 | Second Set of Twin Girls with Different Coloured Skin
When Alison and Dean Durrant were handed their new born baby twin girls it came as no surprise to the mixed-race parents when they saw the girls had different coloured skin because waiting at home were their first set of twin girls who were also born with different coloured skin. [cont...]

31-DEC-2008 | Child Named Adolf Hitler is Denied His Name on His Birthday Cake
A local supermarket refused to make a cake for a three year old boy after being told his name was Adolf Hitler. The store was happy to make the cake and leave enough room for his parent’s to write their own inscription but the Campbell’s refused and said they would have the supermarket chain Wal-Mart make the cake instead. [cont...]

28-DEC-2008 | Cuddle Your Child as He May Not Survive
Rachel and Daniel Taplin never thought they would be lucky enough to take pictures of their toddler son sitting under the Christmas tree after they were told to ‘give him a final cuddle – he won’t survive’ when he was just a week old. [cont...]

13-DEC-2008 | Baby Girl Born After Complete Ovary Transplant
A healthy baby girl has been born with the help of a transplanted ovary between identical twin sisters and may well lead to the possibility of a way to preserve fertility for cancer patients or for women who are starting a family later in life. [cont...]

23-NOV-2008 | Toddler Has Giant Tumour Removed
Doctors’ in New Zealand have operated on a 14 month old toddler from Australia and saved his life by removing a tumour weighting 3.3kg from his stomach. [cont...]

04-NOV-2008 | China's Babies Still Suffering from Contaminated Milk
Babies in China are still suffering from drinking contaminated milk powder that contained the industrial chemical melamine used in plastics, glues and fertilizers. Melamine can cause kidney stones which in severe cases could lead to kidney failure. [cont...]

25-OCT-2008 | Fast Birth at McDonald’s Restaurant
Famous for fast foods, McDonald’s went one step further this week with a fast birth after mum and dad-to-be had to stop in the car park when they realised they were not going to reach the hospital in time. [cont...]

21-OCT-2008 | Nursery Children Treated for Tuberculosis
The Health Protection Agency (HPS) has this week released a statement concerning Tuberculosis treatments on over thirty three children in a London nursery since July after an adult with close connections to the nursery was diagnosed with the serious infection. [cont...]

15-OCT-2008 | Nappy Saves Life of Baby Boy
An 18 month old baby boy was saved by his nappy when he fell out of a window on the third floor of an apartment. [cont...]

06-OCT-2008 | Parents Refused Vaccination of Hepatitis B for Newborn Baby Son
Parents of a newborn baby boy have gone into hiding from the authorities who want to vaccinate the baby against Hepatitis B. Although it is not compulsory in Australia to have the vaccinations it is a policy to give the treatment which spans over six months to newborns if the mother has been diagnosed with Hepatitis B [cont...]

25-AUG-2008 | Baby Girl Found Among Litter of Puppies
A farmer in Buenos Aires could not believe his eyes when he found a newborn baby girl nestled among a litter of puppies huddled together with the mother dog in an outside dog pen. The naked baby had been abandoned by a 14 year old girl who had given birth just a few hours before. [cont...]

11-AUG-2008 | Baby to Undergo Three Operations After Birth
During what should have been a normal ultrasound halfway through her pregnancy, mum-to-be Heidi Schmidt was told there was something not quite right with the results and she was referred to Paediatric Cardiologists at the University Hospital for further tests. [cont...]

04-AUG-2008 | Children Living in Squalor with No Food
Four children were removed from their home last week in Lake Grove, Staten Island after a neighbour called the police complaining of the squalid conditions of the house they lived in. [cont...]

21-JUL-2008 | New Mum Seperated from Premature Baby
New mum Ashleigh Wiseman, 18 was seperated from her baby daughter for eight hours because she was told there was no room for her on the helicopter. [cont...]

15-JUL-2008 | Anorexia Mum is Expecting Second Child
Chloe Cook was told she may never have children after she reached an all time low weight of 5 stone and her frail body had become a skeletal frame.  Only days away from death she collapsing and was admitted to hospital where doctors warned her she could suffer complete organ failure and die after suffering from anorexia for six years. [cont...]

07-JUL-2008 | Baby Born with Two Faces
A one month old baby girl called Lali was born with two faces and is believed to be the reincarnation of the Indian goddess ‘Durgar’ by the villagers where she lives. [cont...]

20-MAY-2008 | Taken into Emergency Care while Parents were Drunk
Three young children were taken into temporarily protective custody in Portugal because their parents were so drunk they had collapsed. [cont...]

21-APR-2008 | Baby Deposit Box
A baby ‘drop box’ that was introduced in a Japanese hospital has received 15 children since it opened in May 2006. [cont...]

17-APR-2008 | Kids Lose Weight or Go Into Care
The parents of six children have been told they have to change their lifestyle to enable the children to lose weight or they will be taken away from them and put in care.  [cont...]

06-APR-2008 | Traffic Held up while Baby is Born
While rushing his pregnant daughter to the hospital, Brian held up traffic as his eighth grandchild entered the world.  [cont...]

30-MAR-2008 | Toddler Dials 999 in Emergency
Toddler Joshua Hall stood on a box to reach the phone and dialled 999 when he found his mummy lying on the floor of their house in Ashton-in-Makefield near Wigan.  [cont...]

24-MAR-2008 | Anti-Theft Alarms on Norwegian Babies
Newborn Babies in a Norwegian hospital are to be fitted with anti-theft alarms to avoid identity mix-ups and protect them kidnappings. [cont...]

18-MAR-2008 | India Wants More Daughters
For thousands of years the prejudices of giving birth to a daughter have run deep in India whereas by contrast a son is considered an asset and a reason to celebrate. [cont...]

13-MAR-2008 | Gave Birth Two Days After Finding Out She Was Pregnant
Looking at her one year old son, mum April reflected back to the time she found out she was pregnant, which was just two days before he was born. April Branum at that time weighed 420 pounds and being so large the mum-to-be and everybody else was unaware that she was pregnant. [cont...]

07-MAR-2008 | Second Birthday Party for Daughter who Survived Meningitis
Ellie-Mae’s 2nd birthday party was celebrated in full style with family and friends making it a far happier one than her 1st.  [cont...]

03-MAR-2008 | Couple Offered to Terminate Defied Doctor’s Warnings
Becky Weatherall and her partner Kriss Kramer who had defied doctors’ advice to terminate their baby are now the proud parents of a bouncing baby boy called Brandon.  [cont...]

25-FEB-2008 | Miracle Baby Finley Survives Amazing Battle to be Born
When mum Jodie sees the smiling face of her three month old son Finley looking at her, she still can’t believe the miracle of him being born.  [cont...]

21-FEB-2008 | Best Friends Donate Part of Their Livers to Their Babies
Tara Sturman and Andrea Cobbold have been best friends since school days.  They were pregnant at the same time and gave birth just weeks apart.  Not long after becoming new mums, they found out that both their children had the same rare liver condition called biliary atresia within weeks of each other. [cont...]

18-FEB-2008 | Mum and Dad Watch While Son is Dropped to Safety
What thoughts must have been going through parents Muhammet and Nergiz as they saw their baby son falling from a fourth floor window, after his uncle had dropped him out, makes us thankful we will hopefully never experience it ourselves. [cont...]

08-FEB-2008 | Seven Times Surrogate Mother Plans Eighth Pregnancy
42 year old legal secretary Jill Hawkins is now planning her eighth pregnancy after given birth to her seventh child last year.  On each occasion she has given the baby away. Jill is a surrogate mother and has given unmentionable joy to 7 women who were unable to have their own child due to medical reasons. [cont...]

05-FEB-2008 | Midwife's Colleagues Treat Baby Grace's Tongue-Tie
Midwife Lydia Faulkner, 26, had a home birth for 7lb 10oz daughter Grace and when trying to breastfeed soon after, it was discovered that baby had a condition known as tongue-tie making it difficult for her to latch on and get her milk. [cont...]

01-FEB-2008 | Twins Separated at Birth Had to Have Their Marriage Annulled
A happily married couple has had to have their marriage annulled after DNA results revealed they were actually brother and sister twins! The twins were separated at birth and went to different families.  They were brought up without any knowledge of their adoption and never knew they had other siblings. [cont...]

28-JAN-2008 | 500 Communist Members Punished for Breaking the One Child Rule
For the past two decades China has imposed the ‘one child’ rule to help ease the counties problem of overpopulation. This has led to five hundred Communist Party members being expelled after years of some of them flouting the family planning laws by having more than one child. [cont...]

23-JAN-2008 | Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes Seeking Fertility Consultation
It is rumoured that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are strugglingto conceive a sibling for their 20 month-old daugher Suri and will be seeking a consultation with a fertility expert to help them have another baby.  [cont...]

17-JAN-2008 | Nicole Kidman’s Is Pregnant
Hollywood start Nicole Kidman is to finally know the joy of being pregnant and giving birth to her first biological child! The overjoyed new mum-to-be and husband Keith Urban after undergoing numerous attempts of fertility treatment are now floating on cloud nine since hearing the news that they have so desperately longed for.  [cont...]

11-JAN-2008 | New Sibling for 2lb Baby Ellie
Baby Ellie who was born at the tiny weight of just 2lbs 2ozs is going to be a big sister later this year. Mum Karen from Dale End Road, Harraby and dad Tony had tried for five years to become parents and in the end they decided to give up and just get on with life!  [cont...]

06-JAN-2008 | Name Given to Queen’s New Grandson
James Alexander Philip Theo is the name the Earl and Countess of Wessex have given to their newly born baby son. [cont...]

02-JAN-2008 | Parent's not allowed to Name their child 'Friday'
Italian parents were told they were not allowed to name their son ‘Friday’ because it recalled the servile savage in Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe.  Superstitious Italians also consider Friday to be an unlucky day. [cont...]

29-DEC-2007 | Not Allowed to Take Photo’s of Daughter in Park
Mandy Smith and Steve Brook were told by a “more than my jobs worth” park warden that they could not take photographs of their child in the park! They had taken their 11 month old daughter Rebecca along to the Alexandra Park in Oldham to feed the ducks and have her very first go on the swings. [cont...]

23-DEC-2007 | Jenifer Lopez Expecting Twins?
Jennifer Lopez has everybody guessing if she is expecting twins after shopping for and ordering two of everything while out shopping. All in pink and blue! [cont...]

18-DEC-2007 | Chocolate for Girls and Burger for Boys
According to the latest reports in New Scientist food eaten before getting pregnant could very well manipulate the environment of your womb to favour what sex your baby is going to be! [cont...]

14-DEC-2007 | Babies in Real Homes for 1st Birthdays
The two baby girls that were mistakenly swapped at birth celebrated their 1st birthdays at home with their own parents. [cont...]

10-DEC-2007 | First Quintuplets Born in the UK for 5 Years
The first set of quintuplets in the UK for 5 years was born in the early hours on 10th November 2007 at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford. [cont...]

07-DEC-2007 | Andrew McAskie, One Year On after his Heart Transplant
At only 5 weeks old. Andrew McAskie became one of the youngest babies in the UK to have a heart transplant and survive. [cont...]

02-DEC-2007 | Celebrities and Adoption
Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have the support of an Ethiopian adoption agency over claims that their 2 year old adopted daughter Zahara’s alleged birth mother now wants her back. [cont...]

29-NOV-2007 | Baby Saved by Spiderboy
Playing with his friend in the back garden, 5 year old Riquelme Maciel did not hesitate when he heard a women crying and saw smoke coming out of the wooden built house next door. [cont...]


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